November 3, 2010
By , Acworth, GA
When Lux awoke she looked around to make sure she was still in her room, and not in some strange meadow. She’d been having that same dream for a while, every night it’s the same. It’s always of a girl with brown hair and brown eyes, with a gash on her forehead, and blood trickling down. The only thing that changes is that the girl becomes more aggressive in every dream. The voices, so many of them speaking all different languages, and yelling things at her, never stop either. These voices were also the only things that followed her outside of the dreams as well. There was just something different about the dream last night though, the girl in it was menacing, she had that evil kind of spirit. As Lux got out of bed to get ready for school the voices in her head became more menacing and prominent, even though they are usually just a slight murmur in her head. The voices started to torment her until she could no longer handle it, and fell to her knees clutching her head trying to stop them. They wouldn’t stop until it became so unbearable she let out a blood-curling scream.
“Lux? What’s wrong?” her mother called as she ran up the stairs to her daughter.
As her mother came bursting through the door, the voices stopped abruptly.
“ I, I, I’m fine mom, I just…. Tripped over my shoe, that’s all.”
“ Lux Maia Brennan, you scared me when you screamed like that, I thought something horrible had happened, but all you did was fall over a shoe?”
“ Yes, that’s exactly what happened, I’m sorry I screamed so loud.”
“ It’s ok, but you might want to clean your room then, so you won’t trip over things anymore.”
“ Ok I will.”
“ Ok, well your bus will be here soon, so you may want to hurry, and I need to leave or I’ll be late for work.”
“ Ok mom, I love you.”
“ Love you too, have a good day.”
“ You too.”
As her mom left the house, Lux went into the bathroom to get ready. After she brushed her teeth and washed her face, she went and got dressed. When she went back into the bathroom to do her hair, the reflection was that of the girl she’d seen in her dream. The girl in the mirror started to smile, and tried and get out. At that moment Lux screamed, and picked up the soap dispenser and smashed it against the mirror, as the girl had a horrific smile on her face. As the shattered glass lay on the counter Lux picked up a shard, as she picked it up the reflection was her normal black hair blue eyed girl, and no one else. She grabbed a hair-bow and ran out the door to the bus stop. The voices had gotten louder as well since the bathroom incident.
The bus finally got to her stop, and she boarded the bus with all the other students. Her best friend Eliza was already sitting in their seat, looking all cheerful, and happy as usual.
“ Hello Lux, how was your weekend?”
“ It was ok, what about yours?”
“ Mine was fine, and by the way you look like cr*p today.”
Lux looked down at herself, she had on a pair of jeans and a baggy sweatshirt, and her hair was in a messy ponytail. She also had dark circles under her eyes as well.
“ Thanks for telling me, I had a rough morning.”
“ It shows, but anyway my weekend was awesome, I did….” As Eliza was going on and on about her weekend, the voices were getting louder and louder, until Lux couldn’t handle it anymore.
Eliza shut her mouth, and didn’t speak to Lux anymore. As they got off the bus, and headed to first period Lux sat at the back of the room in the corner and didn’t speak to anyone even though she usually does. As the first bell rung, and everyone came in, the voices had gotten louder and tormenting to the point that it caused her actual pain. As her math teacher lectured, Lux stared out the window, and saw that girl. Lux jumped out of her seat, when the pain in her head got so bad she screamed, and kept shouting to leave her alone until she blacked out.
Lux awoke to find herself in a hospital bed, as the doctor walked in.
“ Hello Lux I’m Dr. Grove.”
“Hello, what am I doing here?”
“ You blacked out at school, after you had an incident at school.”
“ Oh, … where’s my mom?”
“ She went back to your house to get some things of yours, she’ll be back soon.”
“ Ok.”
As Lux waited for her mom to return, she tried to remember what happened, but couldn’t the voices were making it harder for her to concentrate. As she was watching TV, her mom came in, and the look on her face said that there was something wrong. Lux thought back to the shattered mirror that she broke that morning.
“ Lux sweetie, I…I talked to the doctor, about what has happened today, and was wondering if this has been going on longer?”
“ No, mom it hasn’t.”
“ Lux Maia Brennan, do not lie to me, this is serious.” Her mother said in a stern voice.
“ Ok, I’ve been hearing voices for about six months, but this is the first time it has escalated like this before.”
“ Well, the doctor and I believe that it would be best to put you in an institution, to help you.”
As her mother said this, something in Lux changed and she wasn’t herself. She jumped at her mom trying to attack her, until some nurses came in, and sedated her.
The next time she awoke she was in a room with white padded walls, and a straight jacket.
Six Months Later
The medicine that she’d been given to help her get better weren’t helping; in fact they seemed to be making it worse. The girl from her dreams was becoming her, and the voices, and images that haunted her, especially the meadow were the memories of where the brown haired girl killed all those people. Lux knew she was never going to be the same, or ever be herself again, and thought to herself “this is what happens to crazy people, isn’t it?”.

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