"Where is Phoenix?"

November 4, 2010
It was a cold and rainy Monday afternoon.Phoenix was walking home with his best friend,Zach.They always walk home together,but this time was different.They felt someone was following them.So,they both walked as fast as they could until and white van pulled up infront of Phoenix. They both tried to run but Phoenix tripped and one guy wearing a deep red color shirt took phoenix and threw him into the van and quickly dropve away.Zach was scared,he raced all the way to Phoenix's house and called his parents.Zach told Phoenix's parents what had happen.Meanwhile,Phoenix was threw into a basement full of spider webs and dead rats laying around.He had a bag over his head, and arms and legs tied with rope.He told himself that he will be safe soon.But until then he had to stay there and just prey.

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