Love Can Kill (chapter3)

October 31, 2010
By JCgirl SILVER, Hacienda Heights, California
JCgirl SILVER, Hacienda Heights, California
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Chapter 3
When Jenny heard footsteps walking into the dressing room, she thought it was Jason coming back to meet Stephanie. Due to politeness, she didn’t want to disturb the couple, so she turned on the radio. Then she stayed in the room and continued with her makeup.
At the same time, the joyful atmosphere completely changed when Stephanie saw Cindy walking into the dressing room from the reflection of the mirror. Stephanie took a deep breath, turned back, and got ready to face Cindy. They met each other’s eyes for a moment. Cindy looked around the dressing room and spoke softly.
“What a nice dressing room. Congratulations Stephanie! You are going to marry to the man that I love even now. I was still wondering why Jason likes a girl like you? Compared to me, you’re just a shorter, older, uglier, and silly woman. Why? Is he blind? No! Now I know the answer by the looks on your ugly face. You are a witch; you control poor Jason’s mind with a curse. You made him love you. You’re such a vicious woman, how could you do that to a good man like Jason? Today, I am here to tell you, stop all the silly things, and leave Jason alone, or you will get the punishment.”
“Cindy, Cindy pleases calm down. What are you talking about? I did nothing to Jason; we love each other so much that we decided to marry each other. Why can’t you just bless us like everybody else? Just go away. I’ll pretend that nothing happened between us. Today is such a beautiful day, I don’t want to ruin it by calling security,” Stephanie said with a firm tone. She had no clue to what Cindy had said, but these words made Cindy more agitated. Cindy walked near Stephanie. Stephanie felt a little bit scary so she walked back a bit. Cindy, seeing the reaction of Stephanie, slowly walked towards Stephanie. As she walked, she said to Stephanie softly, “I know why you want to kick me out of here, because you can’t believe that I know your vicious plan.” Cindy began to laugh. Then she ran to Stephanie, angrily grabbed her by the shoulder and forced her to sit on the chair in front of the mirror. Cindy put one hand on Stephanie’s shoulder and the other slowly shifted Stephanie’s face to the direction of the mirror. Stephanie was so frightened that she forgot how to scream, so instead, Stephanie tightly held on to her cell phone which was on the makeup table.
Cindy whispered in Stephanie’s ear,” Don’t try to get any help. If you do, your life will end at this moment. Just stay still and listen.” Stephanie nodded her head; her face was full of tears. Cindy whispered at her ear again,”Look at your ugly face. Why are you crying? Stop it right now; stop acting like I will harm you!” Cindy waited for a few seconds to see Stephanie’s reaction. Stephanie was so afraid that Cindy might harm her, she couldn’t stop crying. This action made Cindy pinch so hard on Stephanie’s shoulder that Stephanie screamed loudly “Jen, help”.
Jenny heard the scream, and she ran to the door. She held tight the door knob and tried to open the door. She yelled, hit, kicked and even prayed to the God. She nearly used all her strength. She looked around the small room and saw the keys that she placed on the table when she came in the room to take shower. She picked up the keys and tried each one of the keys on the door. Sweat kept falling down from her head. It ruined all the makeup she carefully put on and wet her favorite dress. But if Stephanie could be safe, her losses are deserved. Meanwhile, she heard Stephanie’s scream gradually disappear. Jenny accelerated her movement, she tried the smallest silver key, it helped her to open the door.
Unfortunately, she was too late.
The scene made Jenny gasp: Stephanie lay on the floor with a huge bloodstain on her chest; the blood was all over the white dress. Stephanie’s face was pale white and her eyes wide open. So was her mouth. She looked very surprised. But then her body on the floor was very still. When Jenny looked up, she saw John standing in front of Stephanie’s body, and tears covering his face. More terrible, John’s hands were full of blood and he kept muttered “I couldn’t believe this….killed Stephanie…” After seeing all these, Jenny’s tears fell down like reservoir spillway. She used all her voice to call Stephanie’s name until her beautiful voice became husky, she wished Stephanie would open her eyes and ask her what is going on. But, the terrible fact in front of her already told her it is was impossible. She immediately called Jason and the 911.
The police came, and after all the processes, John was put in jail, but the only facts that the police knew was that Stephanie had been killed by a knife.
But there’s a huge question: Where’s the weapon?

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