Joshua Mendrix

October 31, 2010
“Well son, we don’t know why you did it, but we know it was you. The trial is in three weeks. Enjoy that time now, ‘cus death row is waiting for you.”

Filthy cop, you wouldn’t understand. You think you’ve won, but no…no I have won. I always win! I had every right to kill; it is my duty to kill. You couldn’t understand. Oh the warmth of the blood, my knife sliding across the throat like butter, warm redness gushing out down my arms, onto my cloths. Laughing, I’ve won, how do you feel now? Look at the head, flopping around, limp body. I took your life, that makes me the stronger one. Fat cops don’t understand, no one understands.

“What do we have on file for this guy?”

“Well, his name is Joshua Mendrix, has been charged with having illegal drugs several years ago. His medical records have nothing interesting until a year ago. It says he was taken to the hospital, looks like he OD’ed on something. Oh, says he is schizophrenic, and unstable.”

“That’s interesting…”

Feed them, inside me. Living in me, my head, my skin. I have to feed them. They need blood. Warm fresh blood. They love the violence. Slitting the throat, letting them bleed like a pig. Let the warmth run on you. Listen to the gurgling breath. They tell us to do it, they tell me to. I want to, I want to! Oh….let me go! Let me bleed them. Filthy cops, don’t know, don’t care. Hee Hee Hee, I always win. They have to die. They aren’t nice to me. I can kill them. I have to.

“Hey, look at this! Says he is wanted for murder in several states!”

“Looks like he has been doing this for awhile.”

All gone, all gone! They can’t see me, no no, they are dead. I took their blood. It’s mine. Hee Hee! I always win, slit their throats, let it run out, down my arms. I hear you! Talking, talking talking talking, go away….No! Don’t leave me alone! I’ll get more blood, wait and see. I know how to do it, just one slice, and out it comes, to me. Come to me. Hee Hee Hee…I always win.

“Guilty for murder, he’s getting the chair.”

“Poor b*****, he’s lost his mind, this is better for him I guess…”

Hello copses, hello! Where are we going today? Am I free? I always win, but I need the blood! I’ll kill them, all of them, they have to die. What? No, all of them, I’ll take their blood. No more hiding, no more running. Just me, me me me, me and you. And the blood. Always the blood. Their eyes, always open. They’re dead, staring at me. I have your blood! Hee Hee! Fat cops, filthy cops. You will scream in pain when I take you’re your blood. I always win. What’s this, my throne? I am here at last. I am king, the ruler! All the blood is mine, all their throats I can slice, gut them all, bleed them, kill them. Filthy cops, look at me on my throne, my crown. Chains, holding me down, it’s okay, we are here, I hear you. I know you’re there. I’ll get the blood. Cops got a switch. Pull the switch cop.

I always win.

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