The mask of life

October 29, 2010

As a young boy Jimmy had a horrible childhood. He was hit, kicked, and abused everyday of his miserable childhood. Jimmy is now the sour old man of the block that hates everyone.

“Hey grandpa Jim, are you home?” A young voice came from the front yard.

“Who’s there?” Screamed the old man to the child. “Get out of here right now or I will have you jailed for trespassing!” Yelled the old man, warning the boy to get away.

The door of the old man’s house opened slowly. Floorboards creak and crack while young Joey walked in.

“Grandpa, its me Joey. I’m here to spend New Years with you. You know it will be 2010 once you know.” Joey explained.

“I know what year it is, but why would I spend the beginning of a new year with you? You are a snotty, good for nothing, bratty child who’s only purpose in life is to bug people like…

Joey interrupted and said “ I’m sorry I am the way I am, and I’m sorry I bothered you. I’ll talk to you later. Have a great new years. I love you grandpa Jim. I’ll see you later. Bye grandpa.” Joey said in a sad calming voice.

“Yea that’s right you better get out of here you good for nothing kid. I hate you all. Get out of my house before I come and latterly kick you out myself.!” screamed the old man to the young boy.

Joey sat on the steps outside and started thinking of what he ever did to make his grandpa hate him. Joey opened the door and walked in the house again but got stopped and when he was about to talk he was interrupted.

“Why are you still here? I hate you, now get out of here now you stupid kid. Why don’t you listen?” He asked me in a screaming voice. Grandpa Jim got more upset while Joey started to get tears in his eyes. Joey looked up…

“Grandpa, I miss being with you. I need you in my life. I need your love in my heart.” Joey said softly.

“well I don’t need you! All I want is for you to be gone and to get out of my life!” Grandpa Jim yelled in a very mad voice.

Joey started crying and ran out the door. Grandpa Jim started laughing as thunder rolled in and rain started to fall and Grandpa Jim knew Joey had to run three miles to get home and Joey was very afraid of storms but Jim just kept laughing as Joey screamed and cried for help but nobody came to pick him up, so he just kept running


Grandpa Jim heard knocking, pounding, and slamming at the front door. He looked at a clock to see how late it was, but it was only 6:06 p.m., so he opened the door, but when he did he jumped back. There was a decorated mask hanging from the roof. Grandpa Jim looked closely at the mask. There was a note stuck to the mask. The note read…

This mask has a great power, the power of life. Someday you will put on this mask to save someone’s life. This mask looks to see if you would risk your life to save someone else’s”


The Mask Of Life

Grandpa Jim had a confused look on his face as he read the letter again and again.

“Why would I want this mask? I don’t want to save anyone, heck I don’t even like anyone.” Grandpa Jim said to himself.

Grandpa Jim took the mask outside and lit it on fire, then went inside. He looked outside but the fire was out and the mask was gone. Everything became strange, dark, and evil. The rain was still pouring from when his grandson left twenty minutes before. The sky filled with heavy winds, streaks of lightning, and many dark clouds. The rain didn’t light up at all, in fact in only got worse. At 10:12 p.m. Grandpa Jim heard a loud crash in the kitchen. He ran in and his grandfather clock had broke, and the time was stuck on 10:12 p.m.

“Why is this happening to me?” Screamed Grandpa Jim.

“I never hurt anyone in my life, and I never will.” He told himself. “Wow, this is such a great way to spend a New Year. I wish the storm would quit and the New Year would come already!” Explained Grandpa Jim to himself. “This storm is making me sick!” He cried.

Grandpa Jim felt a sharp pain in his heart, just like the pain he felt when his wife Jill died two years before on this day at 10:12 p.m. Grandpa Jim got on his knees, bowed his head, and started to pray for good health, even though he was never a man of god. The pain got sharper and sharper.

“HELP ME LORD!” He cried and cried. “I’m sorry I never believed, I need your help.” Grandpa Jim explained.

Grandpa Jim got a feeling that Joey was hurt, so he ran out of the house to try and find his dear grandson.

Grandpa Jim ran down the road, but when he came to Joey’s street, it was blocked off by police. Grandpa Jim looked down the street, Joey was laying in a pool of blood with a hole in his heart, and he was barley breathing. Grandpa Jim asked a police officer what happed to Joey.

“A lightning bolt came down and struck his heart. I don’t think he will make it much longer. Man, I feel bad for the boy, whoever made him run home crying like that is a real bad person, they must feel really bad right now.” said the police officer.

Grandpa Jim ran to Joey’s side. Tears fell but no sound came from his mouth. Joey looked dead, his eyes were closed and his skin was pale, but within five minutes of being by his side Joey sat up, but Grandpa Jim just kept crying.

“Grandpa, stop crying, yeah I might die but before I do I want you to tell me how you knew something was wrong.” Said Joey.

When Grandpa Jim was about to tell him how he knew but before he could Joey fell back so Grandpa Jim put his hand under his head so he didn’t hurt it. He felt a sticky note on the back of his head, he took the note, stood up, and walked away as the paramedics rushed in. When Grandpa Jim was about to read the note, the police radio sounded, the dispatcher said Joey’s parents drove off a cliff and died. After a few seconds of silence, Grandpa Jim read the note.

“Now look, the boy’s parents are dead. He only has you now, and you only have him, but not for long. Before you know it he will die too. What are you going to do to help him? Don’t forget, I’m watching you.


The Mask Of Life

Grandpa Jim ran home as fast as he could. When he got there he remembered the first note saying the mask would save a life. He began to think, the mask is gone, how can he find it to save Joey’s life? Grandpa Jim became very light headed and passed out on the floor.

“Is this a dream? My dear love you are dead, how are you here? Oh, how I missed you so, I miss your love, your smile, and your warm soothing heart. Why are you here?” Grandpa Jim asked his deceased wife Jill.

“Don’t worry my dear, I am here, and you are awake. I am your angle, your guardian angle. I’m here to help you save young Joey.” His dear wife Jill said.

Just when he was about to talk a bright light shined through the windows.

“My dear husband, it’s time for me to leave again. Remember I love you with all my heart and you have a gift to save Joey, the gift is in your heart. Remember I’ll be watching.” Said Jill.

Jill stood, and in a blink of an eye she was gone. Will she be gone forever? Pieces started to fall into place but how Grandpa Jim could save Joey was still a mystery. Grandpa Jim thought about when the first mask appeared, there was a bright light and when Jill left there was a bright light too.

“What was the gift?” He wondered. Is there a gift? It’s all a mystery.


A Bright light appeared out of the window. Grandpa Jim ran to the door . There was another mask. It was a mask of his face. Taped to the mask was a picture of a heart.

“What does all this mean? Is this a clue? What am I suppose to do with this?” Grandpa Jim asked himself.

Grandpa Jim’s heart started racing, pounding, and shacking. He fell to the floor, and his skin became very pale. Pain rushed through him. Grandpa Jim reached for his keys, he got up and walked to the garage, and got in his 1986 ford mustang. Grandpa raced to the hospital to go see Joey.

When he arrived at the hospital, Grandpa Jim ran to Joey’s hospital bed. The main doctor came up to Grandpa Jim.

“Hi, my name is Dr. Manith. I’ve been observing Joey’s behavior the last few hours, he doesn’t look good. He needs a heart transplant by tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. If he doesn’t get it, he will die very soon.” The doctor said with a sad voice.

“Well that’s no problem, lets get him in surgery and get him a new heart.” Grandpa Jim said to the doctor.

“It’s not that easy, he needs a heart from a family member.” Explained the doctor.

“But I’m the only family he has.” said Grandpa Jim. But before the doctor could say anything he ran to his car and drove to the ocean a mile away.

Even though he lives in Florida he rarely goes to the beach. He parked his car by the water and grabbed three big buckets from the car and went in the water and scooped up three jellyfish, then he put the buckets in the trunk and drove home.


When Grandpa Jim got home he filled his bath tub with cold water with ice, reached for the phone and dialed 911.

“911, what is your emergency?” The dispatcher asked.

“I have a suicide at my home.” Replied Grandpa Jim.

“Who is the victim?” Asked the dispatcher.

“I am. When the paramedics get here tell them to preserve my heart and give it to the hospital for my dear grandsons heart transplant tomorrow.” Replied Grandpa Jim. He sat in the tub, put the jellyfish in, and died. Next to Jim’s dead body laid a mask of a jelly fish and a picture of a family, the family he never had.

The hospital received the heart and put Joey in surgery right away. After surgery, Joey heard what is grandpa did to save his life. Joey began to cry, but that night he finally fell asleep.

Days went by, nothing has changed, sadness is still in the air. The life of Joey will never be the same ever again.


Nights became very long and days became short. It has been two weeks since the surgery and the doctors have to put Joey up for adoption because he has no family left. The family is gone, the tears are coming, and the heart is broken. A doctor came running into Joeys room.

“Joey, someone is here for you!” The doctor said in a very exited way.

“What are you talking about? I don’t know anyone now.“ Joey said in a sad voice. “My family is dead! Why do you make me get my hopes up for nothing? I don’t even have hope.” Explained Joey.

The doctor left the room, but when he came back, there were people with him. He began to think they looked like his parents. It couldn’t be. Could it? Confusion swarmed the room.

“My dear boy, how are you? We missed you so much. I’m here now, And we will never leave again.” The couple told him..

“Mom? Dad? You were dead, how are you here? You drove off a cliff. How? “ Joey wondered.

“We never drove off a cliff, the police were talking of someone else, but the point is we are here now and we love you so much.” His mom said.

On the way home, he knew he was home for good.

“Mom, why did grandpa kill himself? And why was he in ice? Asked Joey.

“Well, he killed himself to save you because you are only 11, you still have a long life ahead of you and the ice helped preserve the heart long enough to get it into you.” Explained his mom.

Love was filled all throughout the car but when they got home Joey went straight to be because he was very tired.

That night there was a bright flash in the window, and a image appeared. The image was his grandfather. It was only visible for a few seconds. When the image disappeared, a mask fell right on his bed. There was a note on the side.

The home is sweet, the heart is full. My dear husband died to save your life, and he is glad for what he did. We will watch over you always. We love you!


The Mask Of Life

“The poem is sweet, my heart is warm, love is for always, and hate is

for never

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SugarnSpice said...
Nov. 10, 2010 at 5:55 pm
That was interesting. But I just cannot get over the fact that this seems a lot like that movie with Will Smith called Seven Pounds. I'm all for inspiration, but I think that's just too similar.
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