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The Janitor

October 29, 2010
By DavidRain BRONZE, Carson, Washington
DavidRain BRONZE, Carson, Washington
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Chapter 1
Friday the 13th, 2003
Meredith screamed and began running, feet in a flurry down the long hallway. She could hear the footsteps behind her, but could not bring herself to turn around and faced what she imagined was some kind of horrible monster. Suddenly with no warning Meredith tripped, momentum carrying her straight down to the cold hard floor. Meredith heard a pop and a lot of mind-numbing pain on her face. She could see blood on the floor, and so she turned around prepared to defend herself from the beast she was sure was following her, but when she looked nothing was there. Nothing but the black, inky footprints.
Meredith got up, slowly backing away from the footprints, blood dripping down her face leaving droplets on the floor. Meredith began entering the girl’s bathroom, not really noticing just watching the footprints. Meredith heard a noise and quickly turned around, seeing a form her mind played out to be the monster. After a few minuets of screaming, she realized it was just her reflection. Out if the corner of her eye she saw a shadow, turning on it she screamed once again and it disappeared from view. She looked around scared out of her mind and saw the shadow again. Meredith realized that it was not in fact the huge hulking form of a monster; it was just the shadow of a tree shining through the window above.
Heart still racing from the sights, Meredith heard another noise, one that could not have been a trick played on her by her mind. She heard the sound of the bathroom door opening and closing. Meredith whipped around, hair flying as she did so, and once again…she screamed.
“WILL YOU STOP SCREAMING!!!” the man boomed, “you’re a ruddy useless garl ya know that. Are you ok? Yur bleeden” the man gestured to her nose
“Uhhh, no I…I think I may have broken it” Meredith said in her squeaky voice, which was also hoarse from all her screaming.
“And clumsa too” the strange man said. It was a few minuets before Meredith realized that the strange man was also the night janitor.
“Hey uhhh, do u think you could like get me outa here, I could swear that something has been following me.”
“Fine” the janitor grouched, “but no more screamin.” The janitor trudged out of the bathroom and back into the gloomy hallway. Meredith did not notice the black inky tracks as he left. It had been exactly three minuets, and twenty seven seconds before Meredith noticed the spot on the janitors back.
It was a small crimson colored spot that had shone clearly on the janitors back. “Hey Meredith asked as she got closer and could see that the texture was crusty, “Are you bleeding?” the Janitor turned around, he now looked menacing, features stretched out of proportion, and he said in a deep raspy voice, “no, he was.” He pointed up, and there ductaped to the ceiling was her best friend mark. Dead, dripping blood, and missing a few limbs here an there.

The author's comments:
i wrote this for a competition and didnt include desired beginning

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