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October 29, 2010
By LoneWhiteWolf SILVER, Martin, Tennessee
LoneWhiteWolf SILVER, Martin, Tennessee
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"It dosen't matter if you win by a inch or a mile, winning is winning"

“Sing to me of heaven..” Nope, next. “Where did ya come from where did ya go where did ya come from cotton eyed joe..” Heck no, I sighed flipping threw the radio stations.
“Would you just pick something already!?” I looked over at my friend Natalie sitting in the passengers seat.
“Possibly when I find a half decent song.”
A few stations later I finally came upon a song by Linkin Park. Figuring that’s as good as its going to get I left the station there. Natalie knew the song and was humming along with it, giving me the urge to change the stations just to annoy her but I didn’t fill like messing with the radio anymore. I watched as the trees and fields, flew by us as I traveled down the old country road.
“Nagisa you sure you know where we are going? I mean we have been traveling this road for miles, and I haven’t seen a single house for hours.”
I simply shrugged and ignored her, grabbing the map and opening it up looking at it, glancing at the road every once in a while to make sure I didn’t crash. Looking at it I decided that I really had gotten us lost.. great I thought I’ll never hear the end of it. Maybe if I could just find the road we are on then I could..
“Would you watch the road?!”
“We are on a straight road, with no traffic, I’m pretty sure we are going to be fine, I’m busy looking at the map.”
“You could hit something though! And why do you need to do that are we lost?”
I looked over at her, “Noooo, I’m just trying to see how much longer till we get to the highway now hush it or I’ll lock you in the trunk!”
“Hmp.” Natalie folded her arms then stared out the window mumbling to herself, rolling my eyes I returned my attention back to the map forgetting about driving momentarily while I tried to figure out what road we were last on that I remembered the name of. BOOM, I gasped and grabbed the wheels of the car as I heard the explosion looking around wildly but I couldn’t make out anything. Then I felt the bumping of the car and how it had slowed down considerable. A flat. Pulling off to the side of the road I turned off the car and got out, sighing as Natalie followed me. Walking in front of the car I cursed as I saw that not only was one of my tires flat, but both of the front two were completely gone. Getting down on my knees I looked under the car, wrapped around the tires was a long piece of barbwire.
“What the…”
“I told you! I told you, you’d hit something and now look what you’ve gone and done! We are going to be stuck in out in the middle of nowhere, and its getting dark.”
I spared a glance toward the fading sun, already past halfway gone over the horizon. It was useless to try and change the tires because their was only one spare in the back and you couldn’t very well drive on a flat tire. Walking to the back of the car I stuck my hand threw the slightly open window and grabbed my jacket. Yanking it on I stuck my hands in my pockets and started walking. I got about a mile down the road before Natalie came running up panting next to me.
“What are you doing?!”
“To where exactly?”
“Don’t know.”
Natalie sighed then folded her arms walking beside me. It got dark faster than I thought I was but the half moon gave just enough light to see where we were walking. Coyotes, owls, and other night animals could be heard singing to the night all around us. Living up on a farm the noises didn’t bother me but Natalie was terrified, and she kept chattering about nothing important, then she would switch to complaining. After awhile I began blocking her out, I wasn’t very happy about traveling down a creepy road at night either but she wasn’t helping.
“Did you hear that?” Natalie stopped and whispered.
“there were footsteps…I think someone is following us.”
I looked at her, “Really? We are alone, its just the wind in the trees lets go.”
“Nagisa, I’m not kidding…this is scary…its like a horror movie.”
“Yeah and you’re the annoying character that no one likes and gets eaten first.”
She gasped, then glared at me but that seemed to have kept her quiet because she didn’t udder another word. Which made the quiet so much more profound that soon enough I heard what she was talking about, someone was following us. I stopped walking after a while and pulled Natalie close to me and whispered in her ear that I wanted her to take off running as fast as she could down the road, not to stop, not to look back, but to find help. She looked at me but nodded and took off running, as she did I looked all around me trying to find the source of the footsteps but it was to dark.
“NAGISA!!!” I spun around looking further down there road to where I had saw Natalie take off. I ran toward her just in time to see her being dragged off the road by someone. I picked up my speed but by the time I got their it was to late. She was gone. Sobbing I walked back to the road looking around there was a large mass of blood on the black top of the road, there was no way that Natalie would be staying alive for long. Which meant the same for me, laying on the ground I crawled over hiding in the bushes, if I could just make it till daylight I would have a better chance I thought. Just as I was hidden safetly I watched as a group of about five people walked over to the pile of blood they bent over it and inhaled in air before dropping to the ground and licking it off the asphalt. Gagging I covered my mouth watching, as they licked the ground dry. The group stood up and looked around sniffing the air before their eyes turned toward me. It was then I knew that my fate was the same as my friends.

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