Night of Terror

November 2, 2010
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Night of Terror
The sky once painted pitch black had now become illuminated by the soft white of the moon. As we grew closer to the cemetery thoughts had flooded my mind. Why am I doing this? Will I survive the night? Why do I always agree to do such idiotic things?
“Are you ready Chris?” interrupted Dave as we pulled up next to the gate of the cemetery. If a cemetery wasn’t scary enough at night this particular one was isolated by woods, with a road hardly used leading up to it. Rumors spread through the school after Peter Baker vanished after being dared to spend the night there that the cemetery has “unwanted residents”. Everything from ghosts, to vampires, to zombies had been rumored to inhabit this cemetery. All three sounded ridiculous to me and to anyone with common sense, so agreeing to spend a night at the cemetery for big bucks was an easy choice for me. Just my luck the gate was unlocked.
“We’ll pick you up around 7 so be at the gate by then” said Alex as both of them walked away casually without a care in the world. I angrily yelled “ You better have my money too or else!” Hearing the car start up was the most disheartening noise I could hear at that point. I stood at the gate, like a puppy that had been abandoned and was desperately looking for his family. They drove off into the distance until their taillights were only a speck of light in the pitch black distance. Just like that they were gone. Reality had set in. I was now alone, miles from anyone or anything, stuck in this desolate cemetery. With nothing to do, I decided to sit under a tall oak tree.
The chill of the ground crawled up my spine and made my whole body shiver relentlessly. Two hours went by, then three, then four, and then I finally gave in and went to sleep. Jolted awake, I heard a quiet groan not too far off in the distance. Now it grew loader. With my senses on high alert, I shot up ready to defend myself from whomever or whatever it was. I stood there in silence, heart beating like a bass drum and echoing through my ears. I tried to control it so I could hear what was going on around me. There it is again! It sounds closer than the last one. My pupils ever so expanded searched through the darkness desperately looking for any sign of what it could have been. The hair on the back of my neck instantly rises as I feel an ice cold grip wrap around my ankle, hesitant to look down seeing the rotted corpse. I immediately dashed off in the opposite direction; but I’m stopped dead in my tracks by what appears to be hundreds of these flesh rotting corpses. With only seconds to react, I pick up a somewhat large tree branch from the ground for defense. As they start to enclose me I make a desperate sprint through the hoards of them with just me and my branch. They started to claw at me and I ran even faster. One carved his rotting claw under my eye, leaving a deep gash. As I continued through, I knocked multitudes of them over with the branch clearing myself a path. Salvation! I saw the fence just a few yards ahead. Once I reached it I immediately collapsed onto the ground. I scrambled to climb the fence repeatedly falling off. They grew closer and closer. Inch by inch. I was ¾ up the fence when the first creature arrived tugging at my leg, followed by his cannibal friends. I was kicking violently, struggling to shake them loose. Finally I got high enough where they couldn’t reach me and I hopped up and over onto the other side. When my feet hit the ground on the other side, I had succumbed to my battle and collapsed. Still, they tried to grab at me through the fence.
As I sat there, recuperating, I gazed at the hoards of rotten corpses clawing to escape. Did this really just happen? I wondered who in God’s good name would believe this. I stumbled onto the roadside and followed it for about 5 miles down into the city. Every now and then glancing over my shoulder like a paranoid psycho. In the distance I saw a pair of headlights on high beam and a sense of salvation overcame my body as I waved the car down. Unlike Peter Baker I was fortunate enough to escape.

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