October 27, 2010
By tharris BRONZE, Troy, New York
tharris BRONZE, Troy, New York
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This story is not based on an actual event but could possibly be in real life.
It was an average day in Salem, Massachusetts. There was a teenager named Timothy Apramen and it seemed like he was the luckiest kid in town. Until one day his luck seemed to be running out and many strange things began to happen as his birthday, October 31st, drew nearer and nearer. He seemed to be waking up screaming in cold sweats. Startling his mother every time telling her about his terrifying nightmares that seem to be so real. His mother kept telling him in a soothing voice “it was just a dream go to sleep dear.” These dreams kept occurring many nights after but became worse. His mom started to sing the family song to him to get rid of the nightmares “If and only if the woodpecker sighs, the bark on the tree would be as soft as the sky. The wolf waits below all hungry and lonely cries to the moon if only if only.”
Tim was having nightmares of witchcraft and death, his own and his loved ones. The next morning he went to school exhausted and afraid. His dreams were scaring him half to death and he just couldn’t figure out how or why they started. No one believed him and his mom was no help at all; she soon stopped coming in at night and simply ignored his screams of terror. Usually his father could help him with anything, but unfortunately he had died in a horrible car accident a few years back. As he wandered through the halls, he thought of that horrible day of his father’s death. One of his friends came up and tried to see what was wrong. Tim thought it was pointless telling his friend,. Billy would think he was crazy or just tell him to shake it off. One of his other friends had asked him in class, his plans for his birthday and for the first time in a couple days. Tim remembered that his birthday was coming up, with all the strange dreams his 16th birthday had completely slipped his mind. He then told his friends he didn’t have any plans and his friends just turned and started whispering amongst themselves. Tim wasn’t paying attention to them for he had falling asleep at his desk.
When Tim woke up he seems to be in a freezing dark room. He was thinking if and only if I was sleep in class who moved me. He was in his dream but his father was there but now he isn’t. This could be happening if and only if I was still sleep. The dark room then turned to light, Tim was blinded at first then notices it was his friends. They walked slowly to him as if they were possess. When they got closer he saw that they were laughing. They then lifted him up and brought him to another dark room. In that room he heard whispering and snickering. The room was filled with his friend and family and his entire they screamed surprise as the lights turned on.
(It was now his birthday.) In Tim’s mind he was thinking “can this day get any worse”. Deep down Tim hated his birthday he couldn’t stand the thought of a celebration of getting older . He could hear far away chanting of some kind. Tim knew that this meant trouble, he dream something like this happening. Tim then started screaming for his friends and family to get out of the room and out of the building. They thought maybe he’s having an off day because it was his birthday they decided to get out. Everyone got out in time, and as soon as the last person came out the building, it disappeared. Tim “See this is why I don’t like my birthday please stop making unexpected plans on this occasion when I'm having the dreams”. Everyone looked at him as he was the cost of the building going. Tim then looked at his mom and said, “I told you this was going to happen”. From this day on Timothy Apramen had a strange birthday some say that it’s his father trying to get back to him but others a ghost story.

The author's comments:
I was watching a lot of scary movies so i decided to write a short story.

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