Love Can kill (chapter 2)

October 28, 2010
By JCgirl SILVER, Hacienda Heights, California
JCgirl SILVER, Hacienda Heights, California
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Chapter 2.
While Cindy walked in the elevator, she felt someone tap her shoulder. She turned her head. It was Jason.
“Good morning!” Jason said with a smile.
Oh! He is still that wonderful, I wish I were the one who marrying him today, Cindy thought. All of a sudden, the sadness and anger were both gone.
“Hey, are you going to take the elevator?” Cindy replied embarrassing.
“Sure, why not?”
“Which floor are you going to?”
“3rd floor, please.”
Quickly, they got to the 3rd. floor. Jason walked very fast toward the dressing room. Cindy followed. However, when Cindy found out that Jason was going to the dressing room to meet Stephanie, she changed her plan. Therefore, she decided go to the nearby bakery instead.
Cindy walked in the bakery. After ordering a heavy cream cheesecake and a cup of black coffee, she found a seat besides the window and sat down. As she enjoyed the food, she watched the people that walked on the street. First, an old couple holding hands passed by in front of her. Next, a young couple hugged and then kissed each other intimately at the intersection. The two couples’ action made Cindy started to think that Jason and Stephanie might do the same things in the dressing room as well. Cindy’s feelings started getting worst again. She checked her cell phone to see if there was anything that could make her not to think about the two couples. Yet, the cell phone wallpaper of Jason’s smiles was reminding her that he is so joyful because he was going to marry the most beautiful woman in his heart: Stephanie White. Cindy stood up directly; she finished the coffee and threw away the cheesecake which brought sadness back. She paid the bill, and then rapidly walked out the bakery toward the dressing room.
Meanwhile, at the dressing room, Stephanie stood in front of the tall mirror. She looked in the mirror; there was a beautiful smiling woman inside the mirror. She was 5”4” tall; wore a white strapless wedding gown; her eyes were light brown, so was her hair; her skin was light tan. However, the most surprised fact was that she was her, Stephanie White. She began to dance and sing around the dressing room. As she danced she heard Jenny sing loudly in the bathroom.
“Jenny is still the same, always loves to sing in the shower.” Stephanie muttered. She knew Jenny is going to take a while, therewith, she continued her dancing and singing.
Soon, she felt bored; she looked around the dressing room. She saw Jason standing at the doorway with his head and half of the body leaning on the door. Jason enthusiastically applauded. She suddenly felt embarrassed. Jason walked toward Stephanie and put his strong arm on Stephanie’s shoulders.
Oh! He smells so good. Stephanie thought. At that moment, Stephanie flushed.
“I can tell that you are super excited.” Jason murmured tenderly.
“Whe…when were you there? Uh…I meant at the doorway?” Stephanie stuttered.
“I arrived here just seven minutes ago, do I disturb your dance? Feel free and continue if you want. ”
“No, it’s okay, dear. Why you’re here?”
“Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. Thank you for remind me. I just found an envelope in my closet. I opened it and inside there was a photo of us at a beach. I discovered a love letter from you in the back of the photo.” Jason paused; he looked at Stephanie’s eyes with gentleness.
“So?” Stephanie was trying to pretend she was fine, but her flushed face told Jason she was embarrassed.
“That lover letter from you made me feel you are the one I was always waiting for; the one I will use all my life to protect. I love you so much, Steph.” Jason finished the sentence with one breath. Stephanie was so amazed; she didn’t know what to say. The next thing she knew Jason had put his hands on her cheeks and kissed her passionately. This unexpected kiss made Stephanie nervous. She felt like the earth was spinning around them.
Unfortunately, Cindy was standing at the doorway. She had seen all the things that Jason had done with Stephanie, the conversation and the kiss. But, Jason and Stephanie were so much into the kiss that neither one of them noticed Cindy.
All of a sudden, Jason’s cell phone rang. It interrupting the sweetest kiss that both Stephanie and Jason never had. They both flushed. Jason picked up the phone.
“Hello! ok, I will be right there in fifteen minutes.”Jason’s face slipped a trace of worry. He hung up the phone then said to Stephanie.
“Baby, the bridal cake has some problem. Please excuse me, I will be back soon.”
“Go ahead, but be careful. I Love you” Stephanie gave Jason a hug. Then they separated, but Jason walked out of the dressing room so hastily that he didn’t noticed Cindy.
Cindy saw this was chance to meet with Stephanie; she walked in the dressing room.

The author's comments:
This is my first short story so please give me some suggestion so I can improve

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