My new pet.

October 26, 2010
I walk sleepily to my computer, turning it on, I hear a slight hum. I walk to my kitchen and get a glass cup from my cupboard and sit it down on my counter. Lifting the cofee pot up i poor it in my cup leaving about a third for milk and sugar. I put the pot back and grab my fridge handle, almost zombie-like I open, take out milk, splash somein my cup, and put it back... Than I open my eyes for the first time this morning. I yawn and put three scoops of sugar in my cup and stir. My life is so boring, I think to myself. I walk back to my computer, and sit down on the chair staring at the moniter, my background is a lightning storm. I sip my cofee. I look on the bottom right corner. Ten-fifty-nine. I silently muse in my head leaning back on my chair.

I stand up and put my cofee down looking down my body. Barefoot, blue pajama pants, blue striped with white tank top, and silly bands about five on each arm. I stare at my brown hair, despisingly. "Grrr..." I growl under my breath. I wlak back into my kitchen and open up my back door going down my five stairs touching the ice cold snow with my bare toe's. I look out into the silent morning, its very silent out i think. But of course I live in the country, so i dont hear lots of noises. I shrug and look out to my big climbing tree... My eyes searching the ground below it. Paw prints. WOLF! I smile big and run out there, it takes about a minute for me to run across my huge backyard, I look closely at the prints, examining it further. I nod, definately wolf... its dog shaped. I've always wanted to see a wolf! I walk along the foot prints, past my yard into the forest way behind my yard. I stop at the river. DANG! The wolf crossed the river. I frown, sighing deeply, my feet temperature finally kicking in. I murmur under my breath and stare past the river, deeper into the forest. Why can't you follow MY fotprints, wolf? I shake my head and stalk back to my house, disapointed.

I enter my house and pick up my cofee cup, and i sip it. BLEH! I frown and spit it back in the cup. COLD! I groan and splash the remains of my yucky cold cofee in the sink. I glare at the door. Why can't my life be funner? I shake my head. It can, i just don't push myself. I nod, I know what to do! I walk in my room and push my feet into my socks, than my big boots.I walk to my closet and tug on my jacket and put on my hat and gloves. I trudge through my house to my back door again. Anything else I need, i ask myself silently, I feel like I'm forgetting something... I shake the odd thought from my head and open my door. I close the door behind me and take a step into my snow covered yard. I feel something on my boot. Looking down I see a small puppy. Its fur white as the snow and blue eye's. It looks like a very small husky. "Awww...!" I yelp, smiling big and picking it up into my arms. Maybe this little puppy heard my complainig and followed me to my home! I look back. I look at her small paws. I smile again and nuzzle my cheek to its neck. "Your mine now." I state casually and bring the puppy inside, closing the door behind me. I set the puppy down, and it barks at me, tail wagging. I smile, and tug off my jacket, and boots, gloves, hat. I pick her up once more and set her on my counter. "what shall i name you?" I ask her even though I dont expect an answer. I turn my back to my back door and I feel an odd sensation creep down my spine.

I whip around real fast to see nothing. I squeze my eyebrows together and put a hand on the door. Lock the door, I hear myself think. Confusingly I twist the lock and turn back to the puppy.

"Odd." I say out loud, but than shrug it off. I look in her eye's and smile. BAM!!!!! I jump real fast and twist around towards the back door, my heart racing and I scream. I breath heavily and stare at the door. Something had hit it. I know, i heard it! The puppy starts to bark at the door. I look at her. "What was that?" I ask her shakingly. She stares at me and barks, than growls at the door, hoping off the counter. I take a deep breath and shakingly twist the locik, unlocking the door, than my hand grips the door knob, but my door flings open and I'm tossed backwards, falling on my bum. I scream again and the puppy continue's to growl at the door.

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Kilikilakia2012This teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
Dec. 8, 2010 at 3:38 pm
this is exciting! :) there was a few mistakes tho like "funner" should be "more fun" in the 3rd paragraph and in the first paragraph there needs to be a space in "somein" right above the picture. :) i like stories like this! :)
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