The Last Halloween

October 26, 2010
By Anonymous

Rachel Gold was a typical teenage girl, she enjoyed hanging out with her friends, playing sports, and trying new things. She was never one to turn down a chance to do what others would never think of, she never let her fear get the best of her either, but just one night changed all of that.

It was October 31st, Danville was having their annual trick-or-treating night, Rachel was far too old to go trick-or-treating and she thought handing out candy all night would be boring,
So Rachel called her friend Holly,

“Hey, you do want to go walking tonight while my parents hand out the candy to the little kids?”

“Yeah, just meet me at shell at 6.”

After the two girls met they started walking down Plum Street talking about what was going on between their friend Miah and her boyfriend Jake. As they rounded the corner they seen a gravel road with dead trees lined up beside it, the road seemed to go on forever until it disappeared into the night.

As the two girls approached the road they began talking about all of the stories that they had heard about the old run-down house at the end of this road. From the stories they heard there used to be an old woman that lived in the house but she had died years ago, but more recent stories came from kids at school who were more adventurous than others and had decided that they were going to investigate the house, their stories told that the old woman was still alive and tried to kill them. But the girls figured that they were all lying and decided that they wanted to go see for themselves. As they started down the drive way they began talking about what would happen if all of the stories actually were true. After walking down the road for a few minutes they started to see the outline of the house, from what they would make out the house was white with green shutters that were partly hanging off, and it had a front porch that was clearly rotten. They began walking around the house, out of the corner of her eye Rachel seen one of the curtains on the inside of the house move, she began to freak out,
“Oh my god! Did you just see that?”
“See what?”
“That curtain just moved, I seaw it move to the side like someone was looking out.”

“Well did you see anyone?”

“No, it closed back to quick.”

“Maybe one of the other windows are broken and the breeze went through it and moved that curtain.”

“Oh, okay.”

The girls found the back door and went in, when they opened it, it was stiff and hard to move but once it opened so far it opened the rest of the way easily. From the way the inside of the house looked it was obvious that no one else had been in there for a while, there were cobwebs all over the place and the dishes on the counter were covered in dust. The girls worked their way through the house. When they entered the living room Rachel suspected that it was one of these windows that she had seen open when she was outside, as she looked at all the windows. None of these windows were broken. She tried to calm her fear by coming up with excuses for what could have happened to make the curtain open.

The girls found a hallway that had a door at the end of it, as they walked toward the door they heard a squeaking noise that sounded like a door opening, the two girls started running for the door, when they got inside they locked the door, but realized that they must be in the basement because there was a flight of stairs leading to the bottom floor. They searched the walls for a light switch but couldn’t find one, so they started walking down the stairs when something touched Rachel’s forehead. She jumped back at first but then reached up to find what it was, when she pulled it the light bulb clicked on. Now that they could see where they were going they could proceed down the stars a little bit faster. When they reached the floor they looked for a small window that might let them out of the house. When Holly went around to the back side of the stairs she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She told Rachel to come look at it too. Against the wall there was a wooden chair with leather straps on the arms and legs of the chair, in front of the chair was a huge book on a table, and the walls were lined with shelves that contained jars of blood, flesh and small body parts. The girls went into a panic and frantically searched for anything that might lead them out of the room or outside. Rachel and Holly stopped to talk about what they were going to do since they couldn’t find a way out. In the middle of the conversation they heard the doorknob at the top of the stairs being turned, after the doorknob was twisted a few times it stopped, and the girls wondered if whoever was trying to get in, but after a couple minutes they heard the footsteps approach the door then started chopping down the door with an axe. The girls screamed in terror as they tried to find a hiding place. When the person started walking down the stair the girls thought that they were pretty well hid. When the human got to the end of the stairs it turned out to be a woman who looked like she was 100 years old. But for her age she must have been really healthy enable to swing the axe to chop the door down. The old woman looked around the basement for a while then started knocking things down, in the process she found Holly.

The old woman dragged Holly by her hair over to the chair that was behind the staircase and started to strap her in, Holly tried to fight her way out of it but the woman was stronger than she was. Rachel was still in her hiding place and from where she was sitting she could see what was happening behind the stairs. Holly was strapped into the chair screaming for the woman to let her go and jerking the straps hoping they would come loose while the old woman was searching for what she needed on the shelf. When she gathered everything she placed the jars beside the big book, and then started mixing them together on the table while reading lines from the book. The woman was still chanting the lines and didn’t seem to be paying much attention to anything else so Rachel crept up behind her with a shovel to hit her over the head, but it didn’t faze the woman at all, she just turned around, grabbed Rachel the threw her across the room and continues reading where she left off. Rachel was slammed into a lot of boxes and shelves and she didn’t have the energy to get up so she faintly watched the woman read then walk over to Holly. She yanked her head back then held a knife up to her throat, Holly was crying by now but it didn’t slow the woman down after a few seconds she slit Holly’s throat. After the process was finished the woman started to turn younger and younger until she looked about 23 then it stopped. Holly’s body laid limp in the chair, her skin was almost transparent.

The woman walked over to a wall mirror and admired her new appearance. Rachel was shocked by all that had happened but she had regained enough strength to pick herself up off of the floor as she walked toward the stairs. The woman must have seen her waking in the mirror, the woman quickly turned around and started walking toward Rachel. Rachel was running as hard as she could but the woman still caught up, she grabbed a hold of Rachel’s leg and tried to pull her back but Rachel had a hold of the railing, she turned around and kicked the woman in the face. The force must have made the woman’s foot loose it grip because she slid down a few steps. Rachel took off running while she could, the woman was closely behind her but as she ran she knocked whatever was near down behind her in order to slow the woman down.

Rachel successfully got out of the house and ran home without the woman catching her. When she told her parents what had happened they informed the police, but when the police showed up at the sight there were no traces of the old woman, Holly’s body, the blood, the chair, the book, or anything that was on the shelves. No one ever believed Rachel; they had thought she lost her mind. After a few days of Rachel saying everything was real, and lashing out at others whenever they disagreed with her she was placed into an insane asylum. After she was settled into her room a nurse entered with her tray of food, the nurse held her head down so her face was hid, as she sat the tray down on the table the nurse looked up. It was the woman from the old house that had killed her best friend.

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