vulture eye

October 27, 2010
By Dinosaur BRONZE, North Las Vegas, Nevada
Dinosaur BRONZE, North Las Vegas, Nevada
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October 2nd would be the one week that I would sneak into the old mans room and try to look at is god awful eye that disturbs me every day of my life.
I had planned his death, it was to sneak in the house at 12 A.M. and go to the old mansroom walk in and murder him. how well it was going to go I don't know.
October 3rd 11:58 P.M waithing anxiously at the mans front door waiting for mid night to come around. When midnight struck I opened the door very, oh so very quietly and creeped to his door. I openedhis door just a crack. I could see him sound asleep. I opened the door just enough to get in, I started walking when the floor creeked and woke the man up. I droped to the floor crawled around the bed and quickly grabed a pillow and smutthered him until he died. I took his corps and stuffed it under the floor boards.

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