The Thing in the Rug

October 27, 2010
By WaterGod BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
WaterGod BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
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I was reading my book and smokeing my pipe. The my wife yelled out a scream like the teapot on a stove. I looked over and there was a huge lump in the rug. I dropped my book and my pipe and rushed to grab a chair to kill the thing.The lump started to move i then hit it and it scuttled or ran away. I then chased after it in pursuitue i found the green trail it left behind. it ran into the bathroom and into the toilet. i slowly, precautioned with walking and pulled the lever of the flush. it the jumped out with the water and i took a glimpse it was a 3 eyed horned green slime creature. it started to scuttle out of my sight. i then took the gun in my drawer for emergencys and shot in the stomach. it the turned red and its teeth came out and bit on my hand which chewed it off. in pain i yelled and it started biting my nech i shot in th eye. it then backed off and then exploded witth green gush and red gush coming out everywher. ith relaized that i was still in shock of my hand being bitten off so i then fainted.

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