Clearly We Are All Insance

October 26, 2010
By XxPanda-BearxX BRONZE, Hart, Texas
XxPanda-BearxX BRONZE, Hart, Texas
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"I have come to believe that the whole world is an enigma, a harmless enigma that is made terrible by our own mad attempt as though it had an underlying truth.- Umberto Eco"

Have you ever had a moment in life where you wish you could go back and change something that you knew would hurt you? I had a moment like that. You see, the story of my life was easy at first. I had just graduated college with a degree in psychiatry and was working at an asylum like I had always wanted to. But, I have a problem with trusting people, something bad always happens to me when I try to trust someone. I regret trusting people, but only so much can be done after destiny has taken its own turn. I sit here on the cold floor going over what has happened to me and I think now I shall tell my story. Though, etching my story into the cold stone walls may take some time, nonetheless my story shall be heard.
It was a nice cool day in autumn. The leaves has just started to turn red. I enjoy working at the asylum, mainly because I find human minds interesting when they are twisted in a way I could never imagine. I entered the doors, clocked in, and started my normal rounds talking with various patients that I had grown accustomed to talking to. Their insanity was blissful, and at time during the day I found myself a bit insane as well. I didn’t mind, but looking back it was probably a sign. Markus was a colleague of mine that I had worked with over a few years. We worked together giving medications to the patients and checking how they were. Though, both of us had a particular interest with a patient name Scarlet Sterling. She was admitted in the winter a few years ago with Multiple Personality Disorder. Though, this wasn’t apparent when she first arrived, it was suppressed. Over the years we both became very interested in the way she acted, and we discovered that she has two personalities, though I often thought she has three. Her first personality was her five year old self; quiet, calm, shy and very withdrawn, and her second we found to be very disturbing. She was often violent physically and verbally spouting out unimaginable horrifying acts. Markus would spend most of the time talking with her. There were days Markus came out after talking to her looking very happy. I never asked, but I should have. Later that day I found myself a horrible situation.
Markus wasn’t at work so I had to talk to Scarlet to see how she was doing. I opened the door to her room and took her to our common area. Markus showed up when we were done and walked with me down to her cell. Though, as I opened the door her second personality showed up and she started attacking me. She hit and clawed at me yelling incoherent babble. Markus acted quickly to calm her down, but he ended up drugging me instead of her. I was thrown into the cell where she was supposed to be. So, here I sit alone in this dark and empty cell wondering if I’ll ever escape. Though, if I die here I don’t think I would care. I am going insane already and I suppose I deserve it. The asylum has been taken over by Markus and the patients, and here I sit alone in my cell hoping to be free one day. I think Markus is insane, but aren’t we all? I guess all those hours with Scarlet got to him. I suppose any human mind can be twisted, Markus is a testament to that. Screams echo through the halls of the asylum. I dose off to sleep and upon waking I find my door slightly open. I look up and see Markus standing there looking at me. “What is wrong with you?” I ask bluntly. He grins and replies, “When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I've never tried before.”

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on Aug. 26 2011 at 9:28 pm
ninjajump BRONZE, Harrisonburg, Virginia
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life is the greatest gift, but it is also the heaviest burdon

that was really good. keep writeing


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