Dead or Alive

October 21, 2010
By Anonymous

“The patients name is Chris Michaels, eighteen years old, male. He was found lying on the floor unconscious,” said the nurse. “From what I’ve heard from his mother…” the nurse said while flipping the pages in her notebook. “Chris had a sudden Heart Attack or in other words silent Myocardial Infraction,” said the nurse. “Please go inform Chris Michaels parents that we were not able to save him,” said the doctor. Everyone in the operating room stopped what they were doing and stood in silence. The nurses covered Chris’s head with a cloth and left the room, following in behind were the doctors.

Chris Michaels
“What are they talking about? I’m not dead! I’m right here!” Chris said pacing back and fourth, in front of the operating room. “I should be on the field right now. I should be playing as the Varsity quarterback for the Bulldogs!” he roared in anger. As Chris was walking back and fourth he sees the head doctor walking out of the operating room. “What, you can’t hear me? Hello! I’m not dead!” Chris screamed. He reached over to touch the head doctor as he walked by, Chris’s hand went right through him. “Does this mean… I’m dead?”

“No wonder they didn’t allow me to determine this boys faith. It seems to me this boy must be special, but I just can’t lay my finger on it.” Osiris said to himself as he stood over Chris’s lifeless body. “I have yet to figure this one out.” He lifted his right hand and placed it over Chris’s pale body. As Osiris started to say his prayers to the gods, he felt a shock underneath his hand causing him to jump backwards. “What is going on? This has never happened before.” He tried once more, instead of a little shock Osiris’s hand began to burn. “This is unbelievable! This boy is not human, there is a possibility he isn’t dead yet.”

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Michaels.” the nurse said calmly trying not to show any sign of emotion. “Your son, Chris is no longer with us, I’m sorry.” The nurse turned around quickly and quietly trying not to make a scene. As she began to walk forward she heard Mrs. Michaels screaming and crying, as she yearned for her only son to come back. The nurse was sorry for having to past such an awful message to a family of an only child. But as a nurse it was her duty to carry on the news to the patients families, whether good or bad.

Chris Michaels
Chris stood behind his mother watching her cry as his father tried to comfort her. But as always in situations like this his father never successfully been able to calm her “Mom, don’t cry, you have nothing to cry about, I’m right here.” Chris said softly as tears began to roll down his cheeks. “Don’t listen to the nurse, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about! She’s crazy!” His tears began pouring out of his eyes like a waterfall. As he stood besides his mother and father he felt as if someone was watching him. He knew no one could see him, which was very hard for him to believe that because he is dead.

“I have called everyone here today, to discuss the matter of a human boy named Chris Michaels.” Osiris stated. Everyone in the meeting began to talk at once. “As everyone knows I am the god of the afterlife, I am in charge of determining whether someone goes to H*** of Heaven when they die.” Osiris announced. “You’ve called us all here to talk about you, being a god!” Anubis said furiously. “I might as well have held a meeting about myself. Because I am the god of mummification!” Anubis said angrily. “You must have misunderstood me Anubis, what I meant to say was, Chris Michaels is my next mortal being to be determined,” said Osiris. “And your point is?” asked Anubis. “What I’ve meant to say is, as I was getting ready to look into his past, his body burned me. As you can see my right hand his slightly burnt.” Osiris lifted his hand to show the gods in attendance. They all gasped at the amazement of the burn on Osiris’s hand. “Because of the incident his body has prevented me from finishing my job,” he said. “Are you trying to say that the all mighty Osiris, was not able to fulfill his task as the god of the afterlife?” Anubis said madly. “If you are not able to determine Chris Michaels faith, you will be chopped into a million pieces and thrown into the Nile River once again!” Anubis said loudly. “And I am sure the Gods agree with me on this one.” The gods nodded their heads in approval. Anubis began to walk out the door as he stopped and said. “Oh! And one more thing. Your wonderful wife Isis will not be pulling you out of the Nile this time! I will not allow it!” He launched outside the door. The gods quickly stood up and followed Anubis, their footsteps were as light as a feather.

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