Supernatural Awakening

October 21, 2010
By One_Writer_One_Love BRONZE, Herndon, Virginia
One_Writer_One_Love BRONZE, Herndon, Virginia
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Supernatural Awakening

Tonight is a night unlike any other. The sky is crisp and a dark, midnight blue. There isn't a soul outside. I had been staring out of my window, waiting for something exciting to happen, but it’s Wednesday night and I doubt anything fun is about to happen... That's when I heard it. A whisper, a low, raspy voice whispering my name, “Victoria,” Out of nowhere, a face appears... the kind of face that you think you've seen somewhere before. The face that’s so familiar, but you can’t put your finger on it. Maybe I’ve seen him at school? Or maybe I saw him at the mall? Or maybe just walking down the street. But, no, this guy, I'd seen him more than once, but where? Where had I seen this guy...No it can't be! But, it’s not him. The proof is everywhere, he's been gone! For years! But, how can I see him right here, in front of me? But wait...there’s a look in his eyes... what was it? Fear? Terror? A wanting kind of look? A kind of longing, as if...he needed me? But why would Travis Thorne need ME? It wasn't like we...oh my god. But we did. We had met each other. That night of Calista's sweet 16! Wasn't he the one who had comforted me when I saw my boyfriend cheating on me? Then again when I got kicked out of school? And now...oh dear lord. This can't be a good thing. Those few times I saw him, something bad happened, then there was a sort of interaction between us afterwards. Oh god, no please, no! Don't let anything happen! After finally settling down! Coming to LA for a new start! How did he find me here anyways?

“VICTORIA?! WHERE ARE YOU?!” Oh thank god, it was mom. Maybe it was just mom that I saw?
“COMING!” I yelled back. I started for the door, but something stopped me. I turned back to the window to see if he was still there. But he wasn’t...I must be hallucinating. But...he seemed so real. If I put my hand outside, it would meet something solid and soft as his skin. I walked outside my room and ran down the stairs and met my mother with a hug. I walked into the kitchen, but soon forgot what I had come in for. Instead, I just took in my surroundings. This kitchen, this house. Everything so new, yet a feeling of home already. We had moved to LA about three months ago. My mom said it was for a new start.

I had been standing in the kitchen for a while just thinking about my old life, when I got bored and went into our living room and turned on the TV. Nothing was on right now, so I was just flipping through our 90-some channels, when I heard someone in the kitchen with mom. I got up off the sofa and started walking towards the kitchen, but hesitated outside in the hallway just to listen to who it was. Whoever it was, a man most likely, was speaking in a slow, mystifying voice .The weird thing was that mom was speaking just as softly. She had only ever used that voice with me, and only when I was little or feeling really down or something. When I walked in the kitchen, though, I was shocked to see Travis Thorne standing there putting groceries away with my mom. I couldn’t move or speak, but when mom saw me that was when I regained the ability to do anything at all.
“Victoria, sweetie, look who’s here!” Travis turned around to look at me, smiling softly. I had never noticed how nice his smile was.
“Victoria, how are you?” He said, still smiling
“Travis? Oh, hey, um, I’m fine, how are you? What are you doing here?” I asked looking from him to mom, but she was just smiling at me.
“Victoria, sweetie, you obviously know Travis, so I just met him while I was walking inside with the groceries, and he tells me the strangest thing! He’s moved out here as well! Isn’t that great? Now you have another friend here!” What?! What was Travis Thorne doing here? In Los Angeles? More importantly, why was he here? Oh no...This can’t end well. When mom and I moved out here, I was content on starting anew. Forgetting everything that has happened in my past and replacing it with a new future that I would actually enjoy and not cry about anymore. Long story short, moving to LA was a good thing because I’d have a new start. But before I could say anything more, there was a loud bang outside. A sound so loud it shattered most every glass in our kitchen and who knows where else. My first instinct was to get down on the floor, as was mom and Travis’. I looked over at them to see mom hyperventilating and Travis looking p**sed. The noises continued, but this time the floor started to shake as well. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Travis getting up and running towards the door, muttering something that sounded a lot like “not again!” as he ran past me. But before he got to the door, he turned around to look at me dead in the eye. Even 5 feet away from me I could see the fear in his eyes, and he said to me,
“Victoria,” my name had barely left his lips, when there was a blinding light, followed by the front door being blown open. The impact of the blast was so strong it sent Travis flying back towards us. When the smoke cleared, though, Travis and I couldn’t believe who was standing there.

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FA7879 said...
on Dec. 31 2010 at 10:41 pm
I like the story Supernatural Awakening by Mariam Ansari.


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