October 21, 2010
One morning i woke up,i heard something outside or was it inside?All i new was it was close to my room so i went downstatairs and grabbed my shoes and i put them on went to the first floor in my house nothin was there.I heard the wind and the tress like someone was whistling outside,so i opened the door slowly and the door knocked me down because of the wind i fell on the floor and i hit hard i got back off the ground and stood up scared as i went closer to the door the wind was so strong i flew up in the air like i was flying in mid air it was so scary i new i was in trouble because i was so high up in the sky i thought i was never going to be able to find my way home.As i went higher in the sky the clouds were dark like it was a tornado.I finally landed somewhere and were i landed was so scary there were zombies.ghost,pumpkins,whiches,brooms,other creatures it was cool but scary as i went walking along the sidewalk i looked at myself i was a fairy it was so cool i was pretty.I saw a scary creature her name was beatiful as i walked more i saw michael meyers i ran so fast i ran and didnt stop kept goin while crying i fell on the ground there he was,as he picked me up off the ground with a knife in his hands as im crying not lookin at him but, i needed to look because i didnt want to die in his hands.Finally he stabbed me in the stomach i screamed so loud my friend heard me screaming as she pulled me up off the ground she said'why u screaming hun ur home its ok its just a dream i flew up so fast sweating and crying but i saw him i saw him with my eyes and i felt him as she said no hun u were dreaming i was here the whole time with you now go to sleep as u wake up the next day and it will be halloween night and we can have a costume party

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