The Banshee Comes in Black.

October 24, 2010
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Jane lay on the bed quite exhausted. The baby was still inside her. She could feel every painful movement. What had she done to deserve this?
Mosley ran towards Jane’s house. Today Jane was to have her child. When she got to the house she couldn’t help but notice the strange woman by the door. She was dressed in black. She wailed while she attempted to clean red stains out of some clothes. Mosley didn’t know what to do. She approached the screaming woman and asked her if she needed help and what was the matter? The woman kept wailing and occasionally pointed at the house. Mosley gave up and entered the house. She at once went to work. Telling no one of the woman on the porch.
Jane didn’t survive child birth. Everyone that day had been talking about the afterlife. It was Jane who saw it first. Jane was surrounded with black. Thick fog rolled across the ground, twisting and climbing over the jagged rocks. The water was dark silver reflecting her fearful face. Farther down by the water’s edge is where she saw her. There was a beautiful woman in a black hooded robe standing by a black carriage. A shiver ran through Jane, she fell to her knees and began to weep. The woman stood by her and laid a hand on her shoulder. “Fear not weak one for your soul will not die. This carriage is for the both of us. We shall ride for eternity together gathering other unpleasant souls.”Jane did not dare to look upon the banshee’s face. “Why is it that I may not go on to the pleasant afterlife?”
“Weak woman, you were not strong enough to bring new life into your own world therefore what is left of yours now belongs to me. So now, do rise and enter the cart which gathers the dead.” Weeping Jane followed the banshee into the black carriage.
Mosley cleaned Jane’s body and the failed birth. As she was cleaning she recognized Jane’s clothes. They were the exact clothes the weeping woman was washing. She went outside to see if she was still there. She was not. It wasn’t till later in the day, while she was listening to the elders tell stories that she found out the woman she had seen was really the banshee coming for Jane.

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