Love Can Kill (Chapter 1)

October 24, 2010
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“Oh no, its 7:00 a.m., hurry up Steph, we are going to be late for the wedding, and you only have your dress on”
“Don’t rush me Jenny, today is such a beautiful day. Just let me finish my bagel and the juice, then I will do whatever you say.”
Fifteen minutes later, Stephanie sat on the chair in front of the makeup table. She was thinking how beautiful she will look as Jenny carefully curled her hair with curling iron, they both knew that today they were going to be very busy.
“Jenny, I really can’t believe the day that I’ve always waited is here.”
“Me too, and within few hours you will legally become Mrs. Mendoza. Congratulations! My dear sister.”
The dressing room filled with a sweet smell combined with joy. It was like wishing the wedding couple’s marriage could be like the smell, really sweet and full of joy.
“Jenny, why do I have a bad feeling about today’s wedding?”
“Dear, you are just too nervous. Relax and do not worry, I will help you get all the things settled,” Jenny said with a placid tone.
“Thank you so much, Jen. Why are you always treating me so nice?”
“Of course, because you are my dearest sister and we share the same blood of daddy and mommy. Can you just close your eye for a moment? I am putting on the eyeliner.”
“ So, what are you going to do after you’re done with my makeup?”
“Well, since, you’re almost done, I am going to take a quick shower and dress myself.”
Jason Mendoza woke up with a happy smile, he knew today would be the happiest day in his life. He jumped off the bed, and went to the bathroom to take a morning shower. While he was taking a shower, he started to imagine what his beloved fiancée Stephanie would look like with the white wedding gown. She will be incredibly beautiful, Jason thought. Then he felt that he is the luckiest man in the whole world. After a cozy shower, Jason walked to his closet; he opened the closet with great joy. He chose his favorite Tommy white tuxedo with a black shirt. Then he decided to wear the hot pink tie that Stephanie bought him as Valentine’s Day present. While he carefully took the tie out of the closet, a pink envelope gently fell on the floor. He picked it up and opened it patiently, inside the envelope was a picture of him and his fiancée Stephanie on a beach, on the back of the photo wrote:
Dear Jason,
You are my superhero, my white horse prince and my true love. I will love you forever and we will never be separate, just like the story you told me yesterday, “At the end, together, the beautiful princess and the handsome prince live happiness forever, never separated.”

Stephanie White

Jason kissed the photo and used his charming voice to say “I love you so much, Stephanie, you are such a nice girl. Of course, we will be together not separate.” He put the photo back in the envelope. Then he checked his watch,” Oh God, its 8:00 already!” He murmured as he set the envelope on the table. He put Stephanie’s favorite cologne on. Then he grabbed the keys and hurried into the garage. He went into his blue BMW and shut the door. Quickly, he started to back up the car. He called Stephanie with his iphone. After a few seconds, Stephanie picked up the phone.
”Honey, where are you right now?” Stephanie asked, with her soft voice.
“I am on the highway. Shoot, there’s a car accident, baby. I’ll call you later. Love you, bye.”
A few streets away from Jason’s house, in an apartment, Cindy Tyler lay on the sofa with a bottle of beer in her right hand and a wrinkled photo in her left hand. She looked at the clock, 6:56a.m. “I will just lie five more minutes, then I will get up” she said to herself tired. She looked at the wrinkled photo once more, the smiles of hers and Jason’s still showing on the photo, but everything was going to change today. She kneaded the photo with all her strength and drank some more beer, but she soon found out there was no more beer inside the bottle. So, angrily, she threw it on the floor. Then she got off the sofa and wiped away the tears that she didn’t know were there. “Don’t cry, you are fine, it’s just a wedding, not a big deal.” She was trying to comfort herself with these words. Unfortunately, the tears still kept falling. At the same time, she found a small bottle of depression medicine on the floor. She picked it up and swallowed a few pills, she hoping the pills could take away the sadness that no one could understand. Then she got a text message from her brother, John.
Are you all right? I knew you are still upset with the news of Jason going to marry Stephanie, but don’t do anything dumb, OK? I am always here for you, if you need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on, just called me.
At 7:20 a.m. Cindy was done dressing, a black short dress that matched her shiny black curly hair, at the same time showing her pretty ivory-skinned body. She looked at herself in the mirror; she had always loved her beautiful model-like figure and her pure white skin. Today, as usual, in her eyes, she was perfect, except for the dark circled eyes, which was the result of staying up all night. She decided to pretend nothing was wrong with her. She soon took her black handbag and walked out of her apartment. After a few minutes, she was inside her black Toyota. She launched the car as she turned the radio on to her favorite radio station. She met a big traffic jam on the freeway. The slow motion of the traffic jam made her felt irritable, so she turned the radio’s volume to the highest, and again, she wished the high volume noise could take her sadness away. Then she searched inside her handbag, wishing to find something that could distract her mind. Suddenly, a short knife fell off her bag. She grabbed it, bringing back the memory the day that she will never forget, Jason saving her life on the street. That afternoon, Jason bought the short knife and gave it to Cindy so she could protect herself next time. From that day on Cindy began to secretly love Jason, but she never confessed to him that she loved him. She kept the knife with her so whenever she looked at the knife she would think of Jason. But, Jason also disappointed her by marrying Stephanie. She then ended with the idea that it was all Stephanie’s fault. She began to fill with anger and sadness again.
At 8:30 a.m. Cindy got to the parking lot of the hotel. She quickly called her brother John.
“Hey, John where are you?”
“I am around the dressing room. Do you need any help?”
“Oh, no. Thanks”
She hung up the cell phone and walked toward the hotel lobby.

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horsegirl27 said...
Oct. 27, 2010 at 2:57 pm
Um....Its good. Its your first so it can definely get better but its a really good start, honestly. At the beginning, I coukd tell you were trying to get all the names in, but you need to do it gradually. The first line was ok, but then she said "ok Jen" or whatever, and I could tell you wanted to get the names straight. Also, I get she is having a wedding, but you need to give more detail. And that girl with the beer bottle? And what she said about how the dude saved her life? Explain. Good job... (more »)
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