October 24, 2010
By EerieMystery BRONZE, Schenectady, New York
EerieMystery BRONZE, Schenectady, New York
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“I wish I never met Roger Foster…” Marie whispered to her best friend, Carla, when they were well hidden in a hole that rested at the bottom of the tree. Carla simply glanced at her friend, blood dripping down from her forehead.

“Wishing won’t stop him from killing us.” Carla said bitterly. Marie closed her eyes, fighting back tears. Dying. It doesn’t sound that bad, now does it? She thought silently. Murdered. That sounds worse… she felt her heartbeat pick up.

“Girls…come on out, I won’t hurt you!” a voice far off in the distance was yelling.

“Liar.” Carla whispered. “Why is he trying to kill us? I mean, it wasn’t our fault what happened to Kelly…”

“Don’t talk about it okay…”

Kelly Garnett was murdered by Carla’s abusive brother. As it turns out, she was Roger’s half sister. He quickly won Marie and Carla over with is undoubtedly good-looks and kindness. Now all he wants is a shallow form of revenge. Carla’s brother is in jail now, but that doesn’t seem to matter to Roger. It also doesn’t seem to matter that they were only ten at the time and wasn’t a part of killing Kelly.

“Come on girls. You know that I won’t hurt you! Listen to me dammit!” Roger screamed, closer now and even more frustrated.

Marie and Carla drew in a breath. Footsteps went passed the tree, then stopped and walked up to the empty hole. A gun poked through the center of the hole. Marie and Carla pinned themselves against the opposite sides of the tree. Bang! The gun fired.

“Ouch!” Carla screamed, holding her arm. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Blood poured out of her arm quickly. It reminded Marie of someone pouring a glass of fruit punch and not really paying attention.

She suddenly felt sick to her stomach. A hand reached in the tree’s hole without looking into it and grabbed Carla’s good arm and yanked her out. Carla struggled to escape his strong grasp. “Let go, let go!” she screamed, and then she was gone, out of the hole. Marie felt a sudden pang of dread. All she did was stare as her closest friend in the world got forced to her own death.

Marie forced herself to crawl out of the hole. Carla was on the ground in tears and Roger was holding the gun to her head. Carla scanned the woods and stopped at everything, including Marie. There was no hope in her eyes. “Carla, come on, don’t cry. It won’t hurt much longer.” Roger assured.

He’s right. Marie thought as she forced herself to lunge onto his back. The gun fell out of his hands and Carla struggled to grab it. Bang! She fired the gun. Marie fell to the ground, coughing up blood. Roger smirked and walked over to Carla who was smirking back at him. Everything was turning black slowly for Marie. Only one image remained in her head: Roger and Carla walking away hand in hand. Leaving her to die a slow painful death.

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