MORPHEUS chapter 2

October 23, 2010
By robertservis GOLD, Brownsmills, New Jersey
robertservis GOLD, Brownsmills, New Jersey
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Burning match smell, cold street gravel...... the sounds of the late night mix in my ears leaving me with a certian...longing feeling...i love the night dont get me wrong, but i miss the time that i could have put to better use, i dont sleep much if you havnt already figured that out. The doctors says its insomnia, i say its hell. Warm cigar smoke grips my eyes and doesnt let go, i lean out the window and open my mouth to gulp in delicious air. " You know i hate it when you smoke those things Tom, especially when im driving." Tom turns to me, match half light, his eyes shining , looking like a noir statue, looking at me like im the a** in all this." Tom says " hey you got the window down, youll live." the matches light fades, his eyes still shine. " you know the windows don't help tom, they just lessen the smell now put that damn thing out." Tom lets out a big sigh and tosses his cigar out the window, i see the small light tail out into the dark street, tom has a bit of a smoking problem if you were wondering, along with many others i wont discuss...atleast not just yet. " So run the file by me again rob, this guy uhh...derek.....uuhhh." " Burns" i say cutting him off before it turned into an all nighter " Derek Burns" " heh, what a piss poor name" Tom says striking up another match with a cigar pressed to his lips. " Didn't I ask you to quit it?" " well yeahhhhh but..that was before." I turn and give tom my look, the look that says outloud Tom....if you had any value for your life you'd stop whatever s*** you were pulling right now." It usually worked, but not tonight. Tom just smiled his crooked smile and gives me a wave. " right.....whatever, now yes Derek Burns apperently was bieng studied at ' our lady of mercy' as a prime example of "schizophrenic hyper tensional delusions and psycho symatic hysterial afflictions" Tom takes his lips of the cigar and says to me " for 1 our lady of guessing is a mental hospital....and 2....the f*** are you on about?" I sigh a bit and curse my love of vocabluray and trivia books, but hey, every man needs a hobby " It simply means he suffers from voices in his head, strange images while awake, and when he comes too from these waking dreams. whatevers happened to him, its real" Tom stops noding his head and turns to me and give me 'his' look, now his look tells me .what the hell do you mean by that? are you serious? or are you just s****ing me, its his usual look. " Real? you mean like if this psycho dreams hes gettin shot he wakes up with a bullet in his chest!?" " No no," I cut in " Usually these types self inflict this stuff like it says in his file that hes usually bieng choked in these dreams of his, they find him in his room with his own hands around his throat squeezing the air out of himself." " Wow, real freak eh? " Tom asks " Yeah." I reply " also there was something else in his file too, guy keeps raving about a rabbit." " A rabbit?' Tom asks " Yeah a rabit, says the damn thing stands on 2 leggs and wears a red robe and a monocle ." " HAHA ! That is the BEST f***ing thing i have EVER heard!" Tom rasps out as he chokes on the cigar smoke and his laugh" we both laugh for a good 5 minutes then i continue " It says the damn thing hopps around and talks to him, about all kinds of crazy stuff, life, death, the universe, religion, guys says hes a real cut up ." we laugh again for a short while , i turn a corner and finnish " But there is one more thing, guys says before he wakes up the bunny walks up to him and tries to strangle him." Tom nods and says " like you said before, they find him with his own hands around his throat." I nod too " the guy says that when hes trying to kill him he looks him in the eyes and says ' soon youll be just another one of us'." Tom looks at me and asks " what do you think it means?" " No clue, but ill find out one way or another." The cars wheels skid and there it is, the build looms above us like a horrid tomb , the gates like the doormen stand argent and ready to greet us, me and Tom both look at each other with ' that look' you know the one, the look thats friends all share that says ' What is all this then? and im not doing it unless you are too and of course the look wouldnt be complete without the old standared, you've got to be s****ing me something fierce right now. We both turn back around and sounded like 2 cannon balls. I honk the horn to signal the man in the gate house, as opens the gate and smiles at us. We drive in and feel the sweat on our backs from the leather seats, Its always a smile that sends you down a wrong path....and his teeth were shining.

The author's comments:
finnaly got around to writing the second chapter, i think its better than the first cuz you rfeally start to see the character of these 2

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