What Happened that Night. Part 2

October 23, 2010
Ms.Downey rushed down the stairs, face flushed. "Hello dear, I'm Maggie. Luke?" She called. A little blonde boy appeared in striped blue and green pajamas. He smiled. She smiled back, admiring his strawberry blonde hair. "I'm Eli" she told him, leaning down on one knee. "I'm Luke" he giggled. "Do you want to see my new shoes?" he asked. Eli looked and Mr. and Mrs. Downey for permission. They laughed and nodded "We'll just leave now. We'll see you at 10:00. Have fun you two!" Mrs.Downey said. She walked out the door, Mr.Downey caught it, held it open and gave Luke a meaningful look. Then they were gone. Eli turned to Luke "How about those shoes?" she said smiling. He turned to her. His smile fading. Eli felt a sinking feeling in her stomach. "Are you ok?" She asked. Without a word he moved towards her. His eyes starting to gleam more brightly. "I'm sorry" He said and touched her arm. She pulled back "What are you doing?" she asked, her voice quivering. "I'm hungry" he said, then he smiled and lets just say, what happened that night wasn't pretty.

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