October 22, 2010
"Brittney!...Brittney!" I growled shoving people out of my way as i walked to the bar. The small club that me and my partner were at was filled with people and i had lost her soon after we had arrived. I felt ashamed that i had a let a tall butch get my attention for a while, making me lose sight of my girl. Looking around wildly i found her dancing with a short blond girl on the dance floor. Snarling i made my over and grabbed Brittney's arm and started pulling her away, half supporting her because she was to drunk to really walk on her own. The blond that she was dancing with walked in front of me and objected to me taking her dance partner.
"She's mine." I replied giving her a death glare, and the dike slowly backed off. supporting my partner i walked outside to see that our small car was missing.
"Brittney, where’s the car?"
"I weally don't knowwww Stacy....i thunk i gave the car to a boys" She slurred the words horribly then started giggling.
Sighing i thought, well isn't that just great. Throwing my girlfriends arm over my shoulder i began walking down the road. There was no way i was going back into that club, i wasn't in the mood to be flirted with or having to fend off the drunken girls off my drunk girlfriend. It was a windy night and i was frozen as we walked down the narrow road back to our house out in the country. After about thirty mintues Brittney refused to walk anymore, forcing me to carry her on my back. she fell asleep soon afterwards, but i kept walking. The woods next to the road were a shortcut to our house but they were filled with howls, growls, and strange noises. i kept walking figuring that the long way around would be better than getting eatin by some wild animal, but apparently my partner had other ideas.
"Stacyyyyy!! Why are you going this way?" but it sounded more like (Acy, wh tar oug goin is ay)
"Because i don't feel like the woods is safe babe." i grumbled setting her down on her feet, if she was awake she could walk.
"But the woods would be so much faster." (the ood wool be so uch aster)
I simply shook my head but she had other ideas and took off running with surprising speed for a drunk into the woods.
"Brittney! No wait!" I ran after her into the forest, but she was to quick and i quickly lost her in the dark woods. Biting my lip i looked around frightened, i was lost and didn't even know how i could turn around and try to find the way back to the road. wrapping my arms around myself i kept walking further inside the damp cold forest.
"Brittney! Brittney?! Come on baby this isn't funny!" i kept yelling at her hoping she would reply back, but the possibilities of that were slim. When Brittney drank she pretty much was a two year old, which means that Brittney was probably trying to play Hide and go Seek.
"Alright," I said, "I give up you win! Now just come on out. Please Brittn...."
I stopped as i heard a rustling sound next to me then a sickening thud as something hit the ground. Crouching to the ground i waited, listening as i heard footsteps go off into the forest before slowly making my way over to were i had heard the sound. as i crawled over my hand landed in something wet, making a disgusted grunt i looked down in the dark to see a dark brown liquid coving my hand. Whipping it on my dress i looked around the bushes were i had heard the sound and covered my mouth to silence a scream. My partner and the love of my life was laying there, dead her throat cut open and her lifeless eyes staring out. Sobbing i got up and took off running in a panic, and that’s when i heard the footsteps running after me. i increased my speed running like the devil was after me, and it very well could have been. when i tripped over the root of a tree i screamed a little but jumped up and kept running cursing myself for being stupid enough to do what the blonds do in horror movies. Biting my lip i chanced a glance behind me to see how far my partner’s killer was, but i couldn't see anything. Turning around i didn't have time to react to the huge tree that was smack dab in front of me. i covered my face just second before i rammed into the tree knocking me down to the ground. i moaned then coughed tryign to sit up, but i was tired, and soar and my body just wouldn't allow it.
"Hahaha now who belongs to who."
Trembling i looked up to see the girl from the bar that i had told to get off my girlfriend. she leaned in her face inches from mine, "I don't like being told no, kind of gets me angry."
I opened my mouth to apologize, to beg for forgiveness but all i could do was listen to the blood fill my mouth as she slowly slit my throat.

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