The Creek Hill House

October 22, 2010
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Once upon a time there was a scary house on the top of Creek Hill. All of the children believed it was frightening. Nobody dared set foot near the house, until one day the new kid in the neighborhood decided to take his little brother up to the Creek Hill House.

“Hey Jayden, how about we go for a walk”, said Elijah. “Sure”, said Jayden. So as they were walking Elijah was telling Jayden scary stories about ghost and goblins. “Hey, where are we going”, asked Jayden. Elijah just laughed an evil horrible laugh. “We are going to the Creek Hill House. Jayden was frightened just by the name of the house. “No, we have to turn back, we can’t go there. Besides do you know how many ghost and things are in that house?” Elijah said, “Stop being a baby and let’s go. It’ll be like being at a haunted house at a carnival, only things won’t pop out at us.” “Okay”, said Jayden. So they kept walking until the house was in sight.
As they approached the house Jayden’s heart was beating so fast that you could see it from his chest. The door was unlocked. Elijah pushed the door open. It creaked and all you head was a high pitched scream.
“Jayden, shut up your going to get us caught!” said Elijah. Jayden whimpered the whole way through the door. The house looked like it had not been used in over 50 years. Everything was covered in either dust or cobwebs. The furniture was old and frightening. “Come on”, said Elijah.
After a little while of looking around and finding cool little souvenirs, Jayden found a secret book to a secret room on the bookshelf. Jayden didn’t know what to think. “Wow”, said Jayden. But his adventures were just beginning.
“Elijah”, Jayden called. As soon as Elijah saw the secret room he was amazed. “How did you find this”, he asked. “I don’t know,” Jayden replied, “I just moved this book and it opened.” Elijah responded, “Let’s go.” As they walked into the room they heard a moaning sound. They looked around and didn’t see anything. They looked again, and there it was. A dying man moaned, “Help me.” Jayden asked, “What do we do?” Just then they heard footsteps. “Hide”, Elijah whispered. They found a trunk and hid in it. They made a crack in the lid to get a better glimpse of what was going on. There was a tall man that came into the room. He was scary looking man resembling Chucky. He walked around the room looking for something. He found it and he walked over to the dying man. The terrifying looking man bent down and whispered something into his ear. Then he sprinkled a sort of dust on to the dying man. As the dust showered over the man, he gradually got better. He started to get more color in his body, his voice was no longer a moaning sound, and he started to look like a healthy young man. He thanked the scary looking man and was soon on his way. Then the scary looking man turned to the trunk and said, “Jayden, Elijah, I know you’re in there. It’s okay you can come out. I’m not mad.” Jayden and Elijah slowly and cautiously came out of the trunk and stood very close to each other. “It’s okay”, said the man, “I won’t hurt you.” The boys were trembling. They knew he wouldn’t hurt them but he was just so scary looking that they couldn’t help it. “If you leave now I will not tell your parents”, the man said. So the boys ran out of the room and ran home and never retuned again.
The End

I, Kassandra Guibas-Hutchinson, certify that the above work is completely original by me.

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