October 16, 2010
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I yawned and looked out the window as I saw the navy blue sky with stars shining as bright as the sun. My parents were gone for the night on one of their nice "dates", which meant I was home alone agian with that stupid babysitter, I decided that if I was going to be home alone I might as well catch up on some sleep. As I turned off the lights and climbed into bed I heard the front door slowly creek open, I was thinking it had just been the babysitter comeing back in from getting the mail or something, but then I heard slow and steady movements as the person quietly went up the stairs. The floor boards creeked
as the intruders foot put pressure on them, at first I was paralized, but then I swiftly moved into action. I hurried into my giant closet where I was sure I would be safe. I closed the closet door and locked it I moved into the corner of my closet and buried myself under all of my dirty clothes. I heard a loud scream and then a silenced click followed by a loud bang that gave me a pounding headache and probably exploded both of my ear drums. I heard foot steps coming closer to the door, thats when I saw a dark figure that was easy to spot against the bright white walls of my closet. He quickly looked around then left, for awhile I thought I was safe until the door smashed open and I felt a hand yank at my arm as the intruder pulled me out from my hiding spot. I was then pulled and yanked down the stairs in the pitch blackness. I screamed think some one anyone would hear me but no one came to my rescue. I was hit by a sudden cold wind and thrown into a car. I was tossed around in the back of it and was smashed into the hard metal walls. The car came to a stop and I tumbled forward. I turned around and two men opened the back car door, and I at last I got a glimse of what they looked like before they smashed a peice of wood on my head and I fell onto the floor with a loud smash. When I woke up from the smack I was sweaty and my vision was blurry, I had a terrible headache but it was dead silent. Then I heard soft whispering.
"Greg how are we going to get out of this mess!"
"Just follow my lead."
I heard faint foot steps then the door creek open. "Get up!" which I suppose was Greg talking. I slowly stumbled up and fell back to the floor. Greg came over and dragged my limp body over to the corner. I slowly and humbly looked up. Greg was whispering to the other guy about a randsom. Aggggghhh it is so hard to keep my mind focused! I thought to myself. All of a sudden I saw a camera flash and the bright yellow light caused me to go dizzy and have to blink furiously several times, but when I looked back up I saw them looking a computer with the camera plugged in. I tried my best to focus at their faces I knew that Greg had several scars from where it looked like someone had cut him. And the other guy had a very crooked smile with crazy emotionless eyes that just stared at you.
I just stared at the men with tears appearing to run down my cheek. I turned my head to the side and just stared at the grey, dirty cement walls. I laid motionless there for awhile when I looked back I saw a bottle of water by my head and a slice of bread. I ate the bread quickly and savored the water knowing that I would need water mor then food to stay alive. All of a sudden I heard a gun shot, I shot my eyes until I realized it wasn't me getting shot. The door opened and Greg dragged a limp motionless body back into the room. Greg hurriedly turned around at left. I crawled over to the body when I suddenly realized that he was still alive. I asked where he was shot, he pointed directly to his left side. I swiftly took of my jacket and put pressure on the wound. The guy painfully told me his life story " When I was younger I was part of the Fling Gang and we had killed many people, robbed many stores, and started fights. But I soon realized that I wanted a normal life and a better one at that. I had borrowed money from my friend, Greg, and went to college. Greg had been pretty easy going with me at first about repaying him but soon after he told me that if I helped him with this one killing then I wouldn't have to pay him back, I accepted quickly without knowing it was a young girl that I had to hurt." he said. When I asked his name he told me it was Matt. I heard faint footsteps and quickly took my jacket and rolled to the other side of the room right before Greg walked in. He started yelling at Matt in some language that I didn't understand, when out of no where a bullet was shot and it zipped across the room and hit Greg right in his heart. I heard another and started screaming when Matt was shot, blood was pouring out of his shoulder, BANG! another bullet this time it killed him. I screamed and people came over telling me everything was going to be alright but I knew it wasn't, they had just killed some inncoent pure man that was trying to get a fresh start on life.

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