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October 19, 2010
By wolf13 SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
wolf13 SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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"to kill two birds with one stone" i like it because I'm always trying to finish two things at once.

I remember a “wise” psychic said that my love life wouldn’t last long. My friends and I laughed at her and left before she could say anything. Look at me now! I’ve been married and it is our fourth anniversary!
Jack got out of bed and got ready for the day. It was a Sunday, we had church. Everyone was going to throw us a Four Year Anniversary Party for Jack and I. Elizabeth crawled out of her room lazily. Jack was making breakfast. I was looking for the PERFECT out fit for myself. To be honest, Jack and my daughter almost literally dress me because I have the worse fashion in history, but every once in a while, I could choose what I want to wear. I chose a black and red dress. Next I brush my hair, apply my make-up. Now my ring. But I couldn’t find it. Maybe jack had my wedding ring.
“Hey Jack, do you have my ring? I couldn’t find it upstairs,” I told him pecking him on the cheek. He shook his head, “No. you don’t have a ring, I planned on getting you one soon but no. you don’t have a ring yet.” I stood a moment and let the words sink in.
“You’re right. What was I thinking? Carry on.” I told him and left.
Later on at the church I left to the bathroom but instead I went off to think. Jack has obviously caught me thinking and asked, “What’s up?” I jumped.
“Nothing.” I lied, “Honey you surprised me!” I laughed and continued to walk.
“No. something’s bugging you.” he told me.
“No! Nothing’s bugging me! Nothing at all!” I lied. Jack grabbed my wrists gently.
“Shela. I know you. What’s wrong?” he whispered in my ear.
“Well… Nothing… Okay. I know that you bought me a wedding ring but I couldn’t find it and you said that we never had one but I know I had one!” but Jack gave me a face that told me that I was speaking nonsense.
“Shela. Are you feeling well?” he put his hand on me forehead but I pushed him away.
“I’m feeling perfectly well! Where’s Elizabeth, we’re leaving now!” I stood there waiting for Jack to say something and he did.
“Shela, you’re still mourning about Elizabeth. Maybe it is time to go home. Elizabeth isn’t here, remember?” he told me.
“Than where is my daughter, Jack!?” I blinked several times. Jack backed away from me.
“Elizabeth is dead. Remember? She took that stuff all the other kids were taking! Only one dose and she was swept away from us!” I wanted to move away from the place I was standing. away from Jack, the church, myself and everyone!
“You’re lying!” I yelled at Jack. For the first time ever, I was yelling at Jack. The person I married and loved deeply. He moved towards me as tears fell down my cheeks. “How long have we been married?” Jack stopped and looked puzzled at me, “We never married, Shela. Are you sure you’re okay?” I backed away. I turned to run but I didn’t.
“I’m fine! Than what am I to you, Jack!?” he hugged me putting his chest against my back. “Don’t touch me, Jack.” I looked down at my arm. Everything was changing. And fast. My arm was in a cast than I looked at him again.
“I never meant to cheat, Shela. I’m sorry, I was wrong and I’m begging you for forgiveness.” I stepped out of his arms.
“What am I to you?” I held my hand out at him to stay away.
“What do you mean? I love you.” Jack slurred from drinking his poison.
“Jack! I don’t mean anything to you, do I?” I picked up my bag. “Elizabeth is dead and we aren’t married. The psychic was right, this ends now!!!” I said.

Right then I woke up. I got ready for the day and my boyfriend, Jack came over to my house. Jack and I were having relationship problems for a while. He cheated on me with my best friend, I was pregnant with his child, he had Acute Lymphoblast Leukemia, was an alcoholic, and smoker. He won’t stop till he is dead and I don’t want to deal with all of the drama!
“Shela! I wanted to talk to you about everything and I’m sorry. Please take me back. Please,” he got on his knees.
“Jack. I love you. But I can’t be with you. I can’t continue my life like this. I don’t want you to think that I hate you because I don’t, but I can’t deal with you and all of this.” I gestured to my pelvis. “Good-Bye Jack,” I said and shut the door. It was all over. The horrible nightmare was over now.

The author's comments:
This is inspired by my mom and a dream and a thought.I think it's pretty scary the thought of everything being undone.

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on Oct. 27 2010 at 7:59 am
shellbi123 SILVER, East Jordan, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"don't say sorry if your not"

really cool, i liked it.


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