What Happened that Night

October 19, 2010
"How much are they paying you?" Halle asked. She took a bite of her sandwhich. "20 an hour" Eli replied. Her name was Elizabeth but for short, all of her friends and family called her Eli. She and Halle sat on a bench in the park one day after school. It was a sunny, beautiful day. The kind of day that just made you enjoy life. Eli grinned, psyched for her new baby sitting job. "Are they rich?" Halle asked with her mouth full. Eli shrugged, pushing her strawberry blonde hair out of her eyes. "I have to be there at 6" Halle checked her watch "That's in 3 hours." Eli jumped off the bench and threw away her apple. "I'll go early." "Why?" her friend mumbled. "It'll make me look good." Eli responded. "They won't even have to pay me for the extra hours and I can get to know their son better. Wanna come?" Halle groaned "noo, but text me and tell me how it goes" Eli waved goodbye.
The bus ride was long and boring. The route was unframiliar and the neighborhoods were getting emptier and emptier. Eli got off and the second to last stop. As the parents had said, their house was right down the street. It was a huge, ugly house she observed. A shade of green so dark it looked like spinach and the windows too tiny in porportion of the house's enormous size. Eli stepped forward to ring the bell. She heard a wail, her hand recoiled. She listened "Don't look at me like that" a man's voice said. The woman's voice was high "It wasnt... Not right. I..." it sounded like she was crying. "It's too late now" the man replied gruffly but he sounded upset. "It was nessecary" the voices faded away but strange enough Eli thought she heard something like "It's wrong to feed." Then it was silent. Eli turned to leave. Her heart beat fast and then her phone rang. The Geico commercial ringtone blasting obnoxiously on it's highest level "Ringidy, ding ding" The door flew open. "Elizabeth. you're early" a man stood in the doorway. Eli stood still. Mouth agape. She quickly shut it. "I thought id come early" she smiled. He hesitated. "Come in. I am Mr.Downey" he was a small man. He looked like an accountant with his Black receeding hair, glasses and small appearance. He looked afraid of his own shadow! "Jeremy! Who is it?" A woman's voice called. "It's Elizabeth. She's here early" Eli squirmed, feeling more and more uncomfortable. Maybe this wasnt a good idea. She turned to see Mr. Downey staring at her. A shy but dangerous look in his eyes.

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writergirl2 said...
Oct. 23, 2010 at 12:59 pm

Is there going to be another part to this story? Post more!


fannyalexgirl replied...
Oct. 23, 2010 at 3:42 pm
Yea! when i have the time, i will post another part :)
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