Diamonds Aren't Forever

October 19, 2010
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The rhythmic clicking sound of Louboutin heels filled the grand Victorian house, echoing off the aged wooden walls, dying into the stillness of the night. A tiny clatter, a shuffle, could be perceived from the kitchen.
"Are you coming?" the man asked eagerly from their bed.

There was no reply. The house was plunged into darkness as the almost musical clicking of footsteps resumed. The smell of expensive perfume suddenly filled the hallway. She was near; the man was impatient. As her shadow moved into the doorway, something in her hand flickered. When the man realized that the sparkle did not resemble her diamond bracelet, a sharp gasp sliced through the room's thick silence, and it was over.

The piercing sound of Audrey's alarm clock rang through her small apartment, murdering the last of her troubled dreams. She struggled to open her eyes and sat up in her bed with a soft yawn. Waking up along once again felt odd. Her bed seemed unnecessarily large, the sheets on one side completely untouched. She hadn't even moved to that side last night.

Audrey slid her feet into her warm slippers and shuffled into the kitchen to prepare some coffee, glancing all around her, her mind blank. The very familiar feeling of the first morning in a new home shuffled with her like an old acquaintance. She clumsily avoided the painting trays and tools strewn chaotically across her rough, unfinished floor. The smell of fresh paint filled her lungs, making her even more dizzy than the desire of warm sleep pulling her back towards her bed. After dropping a piece of bread in the toaster, Audrey plopped down at her kitchen table and waited as she fought to keep her eyes open. The usual thrilling feeling of starting a whole new life did not greet her this morning. Instead, today felt like any other day, like routine. Maybe she had picked up one too many times to still be eager. Lost in thought, she was startled when her toast popped up and then dropped to the floor. Her lack of enthusiasm kept her from making another.

As she made her way back towards her room, she finally felt alert as the scent of strong black coffee wafted towards her. She looked out her window towards her new city, and felt a tug of nostalgia as she unwillingly let memories of her past town flood into her head. Irritated, she forced the memories out. The only way to live a life like hers was to keep an empty mind- at all times. Besides, she was never sorry.

She opened her enormous closet and peered into it with satisfaction, loving the feeling of being filthy rich once more. The latest trends by all the best designers hung neatly ironed, making her wardrobe look like a line up for a high-end runway show. She wondered what to wear for her first day out of her apartment. This wasn't as superficial as it seemed: Audrey needed to think it through thoroughly. Her outfit had to look innocent, yet powerful. She needed trust and compassion, but also admiration and respect, even fear. No one wants to admit it, but the first impression of someone is always their looks, and Audrey knew that very well. In fact, she was an expert on impressions now. They were all that protected her.

Once dressed, Audrey took a seat in from of her vanity, pulling out her makeup. A stunningly beautiful but unfamiliar face gazed back from her mirror- her sixth unfamiliar face, to be exact. All that she retained every time were her own cold piercing green eyes, and as she gazed into them she thought of her last husband's eyes, which had been of a similar intensity. Her last memory of him inundated her mind, how all that she could see in the darkness apart from the knife was his bright green eyes still open after his life had come to a close. Not a twinge of regret bothered her. She calmly brushed her thick, almost-black hair and once again thought of another of her ex-husbands. One in particular, years ago had had long, dark hair just like hers. What a shame that such a nice head of hair had to burn along with the house!

With her makeup perfectly applied, her hair ideally coiffed, and her outfit flawless, Audrey assuredly strode out of her apartment into the grubby, dark staircase of her building. "This spot will be perfect for next time," she considered, amused.

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