October 18, 2010
By Shakals SILVER, Dacono, Colorado
Shakals SILVER, Dacono, Colorado
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"Its not the fall that kills you its the sudden stop at the bottom"
"nobody wonts to die but every one gets to" "are you afraid of the dark, i'm not the darks afraid of me"

1: The Beginning of the End
Fredrick, Colorado, 2010

The moments before everything ended seems like a dream now. But at that time it seemed normal, a bit to normal for my taste. However I just sat there in my class wishing the day would be over. Then I herd a familiar sound. It was a sound that I only hear in movies or games but a sound that still always made jump to my feet, and I did, and my teacher told me to sit down. So I did, but still that sound rang throw my head like a bad song.

A few moments later I herd a thud at the door of the room. But apparently I wasn’t the only one who herd some thing this time. For the teacher went to the door to open it. Now I couldn’t see how it was, but I know someone was standing there, and it made that noise that scared me so. Now every thing after this moment, the world seemed to had stopped. For that figure lunged at my teacher, and had scratch him on the face. In shock my teacher then kick the figure and slammed the door shut.

As the scratch on he face didn’t look to bad it made use all think that it was some crazy guy roaming around. But something in the back of my head tooled me that wasn’t true. As the teacher was calling the police on the phone he started to calf but we pad no attention to that. When the line got throw we all herd the comforting voce “911 what is your emergency”, then he look at the phone in disbelief. As he turned to look at us he turned the device on speaker phone. The next thing we herd from that phone almost made me wont to cry but now that I look at it I was existed to maybe a little happy, “there are increased calls of violent activity and all 250 lines are busy if you wore not connected pleas hang up and try agene”, and it just kept going like a broken record until he closed the phone.

At that moment I know what was going on, but I never thought it would happen like this. I always thought that I would start hearing on the news that there was something killing people or see the military pull in but I guess those are just in movies. Then the teacher started to calf more, and more, he started to role on the screaming in pane! As we stared at hem blood started to flow from his eye like tiny red rivers. Then blood shot from his mouth, it look liked some one pout red food die in one of the geysers at Yellow National Stone Park it brought a tiny sliver of a smile to my face. Then he stopped and fell silent.

Now one of the student’s went over there and check to see if the teacher was alright. I wonted to run over there grab the student and tell her and the rest of the class what was going on, but I didn’t. I don’t know why I prepared my self for this moment for a long time, but all I did was stood up, stirred with a blank look in my eye wile walking to the back of the room slowly. Each step felling like a thousand years went by.

When the student got there she look at the body with wonder then check the vitals to see if he was still alive. She look at us and said he was dead, then every one started to talk saying that the scratch didn’t look that bad, or my cat gives me worse scratches then that. Then the body started to move, and one of the students yelled he’s alive. So every one ran to the teacher, so I had to tell them.

I took a deep breath yelled, at least I thought I did because nothing came out. So I tried again and this time I got what I wonted. “ Get way from hem, he is not are teacher any more!” I said. Then one of the students remarked “ Shut up you have no clue of what you are talking about, as you can see the teacher is fine. In that instant the teacher grabbed the student that was talking and bit hem on the neck.

Then everyone shot up and ran to the back of the room where I was, where there was a door that lead to the next class room. When they got to the door next to me everyone froze and look at me. As we stared back and forth I said “ what the hell are you looking at.” they look at me in disappointment and anger saying “ aren’t you the one that dose all this killing stuff.”

I sighed and walk to the teachers desk, and grabbed one of the polls with a pointed end that where sitting on the desk. I don’t know why he had them I thank he told us one day but at that moment I didn’t thank much about it. I walked up to the teacher at the front of the room where he was still goring on the students neck. He look up at me with his mouth dripping with blood like a toddler playing with his spaghetti at the diner table. But I stopped until he went back down to have his manwich.

Now I built up my curing and gave a lowed yell. As I ran up there a screamed “ would you like some BBQ saws with that. Now I have no clue why I said this but looking back I realized it was kind of funny. But as the came down I hesitated and instead of hitting hem in the head I hit the shoulder. Witch made a lovely cracking sound as his collarbone snapped into his shoulder, but I recruited myself by jabbing the pointed end into the temple.

As I did that the body fell back shooting blood throw his nose like a broken faucet. Witch in turn covered me in blood. When I turned my head at the students I saw a wonderful look on there face. The look of fear, but not for the thing I just kill but for me. I let out a loud laugh and went to go examine the body of the student that had nothing much of a neck left.

I look at the student seeing his neck bleeding piously because of the his esophagus was reaped out. I kneeled down to close his eyes, then he shot up screaming. Every one stared in fear as the body kept screaming. When he stopped someone said “how is he still alive his throat reaped out.” I replied by saying “he’s not alive he died as soon as he was being eaten.” “ then how was he still able to do what he just did.” said another student. “It appears that whatever turns these people into what they are has some sort of natural drug that gives them temporally paralyses.” I said.

“Now what that is, it a natural drug that temporally shuts done the bran witch paralyzes you ,and make you look like you are dead. But you can see and hear every that is going on, it usually is fond in a plant called the Zombie berry. So he shot up screaming because that was the last command the brain sent.” as I explained to them.

Now I walk towards the back door when I decided I shout wash my face in the bath room. When I was dune I wall to all the students, then they all froze. Now I know the boy with the missing esophagus had risen but I still stood there waiting for it to attack. As it charged forward and every one was yelling but I pad no attention to them for I was focused on the task that in hand.

It jumped with dedication to attack me. As it was in met air I grabbed it by the spine snapping one of the upper lumbar’s paralyzing every body part below the neck. To my surprise it was tell trying to bite me even though it can’t move its body. So I decided to end this madness. With the hand that wasn’t holding the neck I grabbed the shallower and started to poll. Hearing every lumbar of it spine begin to brake. Then I gave swift blows to the ribs snapping them instantly. After that the spine came out like greased pig. as the spine limply fell I wiped it around, and smashed the head over one of the desk, casing it to explode. As I turned to everyone seeing the fear instilled in there eyes I said “ dose any one have any last words for are friend.” They look at each other in blatant look, then look back and shook there heads no. “ well I do. I told you so.” I said.

“What is going on” as one of my class mats shouted. I replied by saying “it seems that Terra decided she needed a new boy friend.”

The author's comments:
its not done yet but this is what i have so fare.

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