Red Closet Door

October 17, 2010
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Tap, tap, tap… the sound was coming from inside the closet. Quietly, I crept towards the door, the floor creaked steadily. Everything around me seemed scarier now that I was heading to the closet. The red door looked frightening as I walked towards it, everything in the room was decorated for Halloween, and there were cobwebs, spiders, and dusty bowls around the entire room. A loud crash came from the closet, that’s when I remembered that all of my mother’s china was in that closet, along with several lamps. If anything in there was broken, she was going to kill me. Better her than the creepy guy I figured would be in the closet. Dark figures seemed to appear out of nowhere. Red eyes that followed me to the door. The closer I got to the mysterious red closet door, the more I wanted to go back to the nice, quiet couch and watch a not so scary Halloween movie, but that wouldn’t happen. I was here now and there was no turning back. There was a soft click as the door opened and as I looked inside, I didn’t see my mother’s china or any lamps, but another world. A world that I had never seem before, a world that I wasn’t so sure I wanted to see again…

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