Them, Him, Her, and the other Guy (Chapter 1)

October 15, 2010
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“Point number one: never, ever look down. Ever. Never turn your back away. Turn away, even for a second, you find a bullet in you head. You ain’t be wanting that to happen, no sir. Look any where besides in the eyes of the d***ed, you get yourself one slit throat. Theses are called rules. Rules! And guess what rules are for. To follow. Not following rules is mighty dangerous. Tom H. Johnson, well that’s a man who didn’t follow no rules. Say he don’t need them! Well, well. Guess where he is now. Right under our feet. Buried him myself. Fool of a man, not sure missed around here. Cuz’ that was one stupid man, one stupid man indeed. Ain’t that that right, Kev.”

“Hmmm.. Sure is, sir. I remember ol’ Tom. Sure got himself into a lot of fights. He always lost, the way he is. Never follow them rules.”

“See! Lookie here! Kev is one to follow them rules. Smart boy he is. Gonna be higher then the lot of you someday. Good boy Kev is. Good, good boy.”

“Helps a little when you turn your own mother in, don’t it.”

“What was that?! I heard it from you Joe. You in need for a good lickin’. You just like Tom, never following rules. Trouble is what you are.

“Sorry sir, I didn’t mean to speak out of turn.”

“Aint no worry about that. That can be fixed.”


“You see here men, the importance of following them rules I set out. Or else you’ll end up like Tom and Joe. Dead.”

“Line one!”

“Got it!”

“Follow in line two, Persy.”

“Got it sir.”

“Welcome to Radio Daily 45! This is Darrel you host! May I ask who be calling.”

“Good morning Darrel. First off, I got to say how much I love you show. Listen to it everyday, even when I have my television sitting four feet away.”

“Good job my man!”

“Oh, and by the way this is Barry.”

“Barry! Why! You don’t say! I knew a Barry. Fine man he was. Moved down south ‘bout a year ago. Well then, Barry. Tell us what’s on your mind.”

“Why thanks Darrel. I have to say, a lot has been on my mind lately. First off, the news is ridiculous! All over the papers, stories of that criminal Joseph Lori. Well he escaped from prison a couple months back and they been searching every where for him. They bloody mad, the police station. Never had a prisoner like ’ol Joe escape before. Now you see, they find him dead inside that old warehouse by Lake Tempe and everyone is goin’ mad! Say he need to be put on fair trial! Put on fair trial! D***it! He’s a criminal and got murdered by his so call friends, I would say. Now everyone want him on fair trial! This world is gunna be going crazy!”

“Why thank you for that Barry. I completely agree with you. Not only it is ridiculous to put him on fair trial because he got one before he got sent to prison but also he dead! Well we have run out of time. So thanks for the call and we’ll hear from you after this short break!

“Cut! Rap it up boys. Excellent work Darrel.”

“I didn’t no nothing though! That old crook kept talkin the whole while! Bah! That Joe character is dead. Nothing we can do about it. I’m gunna go out for a cup of coffee.”

“You’re on air in a couple of minutes though.”

“Well play a song until I’ve come back. I gotta go get some coffee.”

“Alright but don’t be out to long like the time you were in that bathroom for over ten minutes.”

“I told you I had stomach problems so drop it!”

“Alright sir, whatever you say”

“Just don’t wait up for me.”

“We have to sir, its our job.”




“D*** it Lois, you don’t have to yell.”

“I called you three times. You never answer.”

“Not my fault, this is a big house.”

“Well I have some news for you.”

“Good or bad”

Well, it can be both, depending on how you look at it.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Once I tell you, you’ll know.”

“Lois, you don’t make no sense. Just tell this good or bad news.”

“Okay, so you husband,”

“Ex. Ex-husband Lois. How many times do I have to tell you that.”

“Well I am not used to it. You guys just got divorced.”

“We got divorced six months ago. Plenty of time for you to get used of it. What about him, by the way? Last time I checked, he got himself locked up.”

“That’s what my news is about.”

“Well, tell.”

“So anyways, you know he escaped prison a couple of months ago,”

“He did WHAT?! Why am I hearing of this now!”

“How could you not know your husband escaped from prison, it was all over the news.”

“He is my Ex-husband and I do not know since I never read the news. Bunch of bulls***.”

“Well I am surprised you hadn’t heard since at the time that was all anyone ever talked about.”

“A couple of months ago you say? Wasn’t that when I was sick in bed?”

“Why I remember now! You had a terrible fever and we did not want to depress you by telling you your husband escaped from prison.”

“Ex-husband. And why are you bringing this up now?”

“Oh right! I forgot. Well anyways they found him…”

“Thank the lord.”

“…dead in the old warehouse down by the lake.”

“What?! No way! I can not believe it! Who killed him?”

“The police have no idea. But he got shot is what they do know. This is also all over the news.”

“Thank you Lois, I will check it out. I think I am coming down with a headache so I will go take a nap now. Thank you for stopping by.”

“Hope you’re feeling better. News of your husband’s death can make anyone get a headache. See you around.”


“Captain Johnson. Any news on the murder case.”

“No updates.”

“Thanks you sir.”

“Can you hold on a second Ben.”

“Yes sir.”

“I am just a little confused.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Well, who would want to murder Joe. He is just a piece of s*** who did some crappy things after he got divorced then got caught. After that, he went to prison and somehow escaped. Now we find him dead. Dead in the town he grew up in. Why do you say all that has happened to him Ben?”

“I would say karma, sir.”

“Karma? Now what do you mean by that.”

“Well he lead a life of crime and now he is paying for it.”

“But you see Ben, he ain’t did no crime till the divorce.”

“I wouldn’t be sure of that sir.”

“What do you know Ben, that I don’t?”

“Well sir, me and Joe, we were rivals back in high school. Years ago. It was over a girl. Stupid argument that never died down.”

“And you say he is dead now cuz’ of karma? Did he get the girl.”

“Yes sir.”

“Who is she?”

“I’d rather not say sir.”

“Come on! You can trust me!”

“Mary Bennit, sir.”

“Mary Bennit! Why Joe sure did win! Married right out of high school! Must have been hard for you! Well it doesn’t matter now. They divorced months ago and Joe’s dead. Don’t tell me you haven’t made a move on her!”

“No sir.”

“What! The girl of your dreams is out in the open and you haven’s tried to grab her? Ben! Are you insane!”

“No sir.”

“You must be. Mary Bennit is a fine girl. And I’m thinking she is in need for some company!”

“I wouldn’t dream of it sir.”

“Well more a fool to you then! Now go get those reports in.”

“Yes sir.”

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