Demons want to play

October 14, 2010
By LoneWhiteWolf SILVER, Martin, Tennessee
LoneWhiteWolf SILVER, Martin, Tennessee
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" you hear that?" i pushed my husband beside me.
" what?"
I slaped his shoulder and he jumped up, even in the dark of our bedroom i could tell he was ticked off at having me wake him up. The distant banging on the walls started up again somewhere in the house. I looked at him in the dark hoping he could see the fear in my eyes.
"Steven..please? Go check it out maybe someone has broken in."
Sighing he got out of bed and walked downstairs, i waited for what seemed like forever for him to reapear in our bedroom. Rapping my arms around my legs i leaned back against the headboard, listening to the all to silent house. I started to hear what i thought were Steven's footsteps coming up the stairs, but when i heard them continue to walk towards me, without a body to go with the sound i knew then that someone, or something, was in that room with me. It was in the middle of summer so the bedroom was usurally hot during this time of the year, but it suddenly felt like it was below freezing.
from the foot of my bed my name was whispered to me, i screamed and bolted from the room running smack dab into my husband just as he was fixing to come in. rolling his eyes he told me everything was fine, even after i explained what had just happened to me,and that i had had a nightmare and it was time to go to sleep. We laid down and while Steven went right back to sleep, i laid awake all night listening to the bumping noise in the house as it got louder and louder.
That night was the first night of continous long nights for a month. Every night for the first two weeks i would wake Steven up to go investigate the house for whatever had "broken in". and each time he would leave the room, i would hear something come in. Somenights i just felt like i was being watched...others my name was called. Then one night i felt a burning sensation down my right shoulder, when i went to the mirror i saw claw marks all down my arm, blood flowing freely from the places the skin had broke. My husband had refused to believe me when i told him i thought we had a ghost in our house. Each night he came back laughing that i was imagining things. After a while i stopped waking him, and just suffered in silence. However, after about a week and a half of not waking my husband things got worse....the sounds from downstairs sudenly were in the room with me, tapping on the walls, turning on the hall lights, then you could hear something run back downstairs leaving the lights on. After the third night i shoved my husband awake demanding that he didn't come back till he found out exactly what was going on downstairs...
After a hour of his absense i grew worried, the noises had stopped and the vistor that i usurally got when he left the room hadn't appeared either. Just when i was about to get up to go check on him he walked threw the door heading straight for his side of the bed and laying down. I asked him if he had found out what had been causing all the commotion, or if he had even heard what i had been hearing for the past few weeks. He never replied, thinking that he must have just falled asleep i rolled over and did the same.
I was having a wonderful dream, that i was at the beach and swimming in the ocean. It was a sunny day and no one else was on the beach with me. Then suddenly it was a nightmare, i was underwater and i couldn't breath i was suffocating, but it was just a dream..right? i opened my eyes to see my husban standing over me both of his eyes completely blood red, and he was smiling as his hand was around my throat cutting off my air supply.
"You told me not to come back till i figured out what was going on. And guess what Lila?i did and they want something. "
The voices of several people joined his voice as he/tjhey laughted and said "we want to play."

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