October 14, 2010
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Lacey woke up with a start; she couldn’t remember anything, like what she did last night. She was cold, this room was very cold, and she had never seen this room before. It wasn’t her bedroom where she thought she went to sleep last night. No, it was completely white, white titles on the floor and walls and a white ceiling. She began to look around the room some more. It was very tiny and it was almost completely blank, except for the mirror and tiny box on one wall of the room. She walked up to the box. She hadn’t a clue what it was, it just sat there on the wall, with many small holes in it. She moved over to the mirror; it was big. It almost took up the whole wall except for the space for that box on the wall, that mysterious box. When she put her hand on it, it felt warm; unlike the rest of this cold room, it was warm. She thought the warmth must be coming for somewhere, but where? She knew it couldn’t be coming from this room, this room was cold, so it had to be coming from somewhere else, beyond this room.

She walked back over to the table she woke up on. It was just a metal table in the middle of this white, cold room. She was going to sit down on it until thoughts of what might have been done to her had surfaced in her mind. Thoughts of every horror movie she ever saw came to mind. Had she been operated on, examined, poked and probed like an alien movie or worse was she just going to be killed, for someone’s own sick and twisted sport? Then she wondered if she was even still alive. Did she die last night, that night she could no longer remember, and was this heaven, or hell?

With these thoughts in her head, she was ready to freak out, but she couldn’t. She had to stay strong, and figure out where she was. But, how could she, in this room with only a metal table, a mirror, and that box. She still did not know what that box was. She walked over to it and just as she was about to touch it, something happened. A noise, a horrible, horrible noise came out of the box. It was deep and slow, and nothing Lacey had ever heard. It frightened her so much she ran to the other side of the room. But the noise didn’t stop; it just kept coming out of that box on the wall. Sometimes there would be short pauses while the noise was being relished for that box, that box that terrorized her. For five minutes she heard that noise, that deep and slow noise, and she was scared for every minute of it. When the noise finally stopped she was so scared and so tired, she just drifted off to sleep where she was.

When she woke up, she didn’t know how long she was asleep for. She only knew she was being held captive in this white cold room, this room actually no longer felt cold to her, it actually began to feel a little to hot in the room. What was going on, she wondered. Were they trying to kill her or just see what she could handle? She walked over to the metal table, she put her hand on it and it was so hot it burned her. She screamed and walked back towards the wall. She was in so much pain but then she noticed there was something new in the room. She walked over and she saw a bucket and a blanket. In the bucket was water, that when she felt it, it was very cold. She put her hand it in to sooth the pain. The blanket was big and made of a heavy material she had never seen before. She thought it was cruel to give her a blanket now, when it was hot and not when it was cold, but then she thought of something else. If she wanted to, maybe she could put the blanket on the hot metal table if she wanted to sit on it. So she did, she was tired and she wanted to sit on something other then the floor. But when she finally sat down, a noise came out of the black box on the wall that she feared so much. It was different this time, more high pitched and fast, and she wasn’t as scared of it this time as she was before. She went over and screamed, “You can’t scare me,” at the box, but that’s when the worst happened.

Just then the mirror crashed open into her room and two of the most gruesome figures came in. They had five fingers on their hands, unlike her 2 claws, and unlike her they were only six feet to her eight. She couldn’t believe the sight of these ugly people, they had pale skin and two eyes, lacey had orange skin and four eyes and they didn’t have a tail like her. They were making those noises she heard before, one deep and slow and the other higher pitched and fast. She believed one was male and the other female, for their species. But then she saw one take out a gun and the other a needle of some kind. Then she saw them coming closer to her so she ran to the back of the room. Then she that saw they looked angry at her so she wanted something to defend herself with. She saw the bucket of cold water and decided to throw it on them to distract them. That only made them angrier. She felt a pain in her arm and then all she saw was black.

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