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October 11, 2010
By VikkiE BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
VikkiE BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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\"I don\'t want to sit around and hope good things will happen. I want to make them happen.... I want to be in control of my own destiny.\" -Drew Barrymore


The train swished by. It didn't stop. I checked my watch, 11:52. My mom was going to kill me. I'd been waiting for the train for 32 minutes and the H train still didn't come. 13 I trains, 15 K trains, 8 Y trains, and no H trains. The station started to get a little crowded and I found my hands grip tighter onto my purse.

Another I train came and opened it's doors. I looked in to see these two men just appear. I didn't remember them in the station and I doubt they were on the train before. They made my stomach turn and gave me a bad feeling. I rubbed my eyes and slowly readjusted to the light. I'm probably just seeing things, I thought, trying to reassure myself. I yawned. The doors stayed open for a while as I let the cool air fill my lungs. Then the two strange guys turned to me and stared for the longest second. Then they turned back around and made their way to a business lady, reading some newspaper. I watched carefully as they stretched their arms out, landing their hand on her shoulder. Her whole body just turns black and white. It reminded me of the PowerPuff Girls episode where there's the crazy clown who turns everything black and white. It looked like an old movie. I gasped quietly as she tapped the next person, and the next person tapped the next. Soon everyone on the train car was black and white. I couldn't believe my eyes, I couldn't trust them. I kept blinking, pinching myself but nothing happened. I needed some water... something real. By the time I replanted the cap on my bottle, the doors closed silently. I felt like everyone was staring at me. Me! I checked around to see if anyone else noticed the strangeness but they all stared straight ahead. I shivered.
Then I felt another train roll in extremely slowly. I turned around to see the packed Y train open the doors and close right away. I sighed in relief. Nothing weird was going on in the train. The train started off again, slowly, gradually getting louder and faster. My hair swished in my face. Faster and faster. The train seemed to never end as it speeded. I swear it was faster then a road runner. I looked in to see everyone like falling, tilting to the side. My eyes locked with a pregnant lady for a strong second. I watched her jaw drop and her mouth opened really wide... no sound coming out. I quickly turned around, wiping the image from my eyes. When I opened my eyes, an almost empty H train was waiting. I got on and scurried for a seat. I waited and waited. Everything was silent.

Another train pulled up across the platform. Everything in the other train was shining so bright. It looked like a dangerous window... I thought it was going to explode. I covered my face and cringed. Everything goes black.

Cut to a really pretty middle aged woman in the middle of... nowhere? She laughing an evil laugh and looks down. She's smiling at a piece of wood with a star on it. Under there's a circle, like a pot hole. Inside, the train station. She says, recites a spell into a loudspeaker. Her voice is smooth and serious, "...nobody gets out..." Back to the wooden piece. Instead of the star, now there's a gothic cross glowing, engraved on the wood. She laughs. Pull out to her in the middle of an empty abandoned street. A dark field in the back. Black.


Xena sighs. Her shoulders start to relax. She wonders why she keeps having these crazy, freaky dreams. I smile as she closes her journal (she doesn't like to call it a diary) and puts down the pen. She goes to the bathroom. She comes back into her room and opens her computer. She types in her password, ilovemusic12345, and goes on safari. I stare at her desktop in disbelief. How can she like that kid, doesn't she know I'm the one for her? I know everything about her. She always saying she likes a guy who understands her. I do, very well. I mean, I do watch her a lot, when I'm not watching Chi Chi. I chose them both to experience the dreams, I watch them, examine them. Love them. They don't know about me. I wish they did. I wish I could be their friend. Comfort them when they are scared, tell them the dreams are for their own good. But I can't, we are from different worlds, and I can't risk being seen. They are the leaders of a new generation. Until they figure out the message, I won't stop. I keep making it harder for them. I can't resist them.


Chi Chi pops her sleeping pills. She didn't sleep all night. She woke up screaming. She dreamt of her mom, dying. She was already dead. Chi Chi thought she met a Death. Death was a person. Each family, set of friends, had a Death that waited for the right time. She was running from it last night. She tried to talk everything out and be friends. She woke up when she started screaming, crying, when Death said it was time for her mom. She could see the souls in the Death. Everywhere she went, train, street, there was always a Death. With a mysterious grin, happy that there's no Death for Deaths. It's all so confusing!

The night before she was watching a documentary about dreams. About how some dreams occur from bad memory. This dream actually related to her this time. She felt like herself in it. Other nights she had dreams about random things, random situations. She had no clue what it was about. No one knew about her dreams and she was happy about that. She had a reputation to gain and she couldn't be known about the psycho chick who lost her mom and has crazy dreams. It's bad enough she lived with her uncle because after her mom died, her dad left and never came back. Everyone knew that. Chi Chi sighed and got out of bed. The hair on the back of her neck stood up. At certain hours she felt like she was being watched, but she always just ignored it.


Chi Chi my baby. She doesn't understand. The only thing her pills are doing are giving her a bad migraine and messing with her hormones. Doesn't she understand? Nothing can stop me.

The author's comments:
I wrote this last year and edited it a tiny bit this morning. It's based on real dreams I had right before I decided to write this. It's not done obviously, it's just like a sneak peak I guess! Well, anyway! I hope you like it!!!!

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