A Night to Never be Forgotten

October 10, 2010
By megan lundin BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
megan lundin BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
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If those kids weren’t in such a hurry to get home that Friday afternoon after school, then they wouldn’t have taken that short cut through the cemetery.

It was the last day of the week, a Friday. Every single student in class of Northway Elementary School couldn’t wait for the final bell to ring. Fall was setting in. It was the last day of October, Halloween was buzzing through the minds of children. It would be a full moon tonight, one of the best nights ever. Every child had their costumes set out and ready for them when they came home from school to then immediately race through the streets of the neighborhoods searching for any type of lighten area thinking that someone would be waiting to give out handfuls of candy. Every day was ended shorter and became even darker from the changing seasons.

The final bell rang! Kids jumping from their desks running, squeezing through the classroom doors to race each other home, betting who may be the one that hits the most houses and gets the most candy. Some kids were so excited that they thought of taking the most dangerous shortcut of getting home would be the best idea without even thinking of how stupid of like that would be. Kids talked for weeks about this night saying it was going to be the best night of the year that will never be forgotten.
Two boys, best friends since kindergarten, quickly walking home cheering and laughing of how much fun they were going to have. Sam and Homer were in the same grade and also in the same class. They have both known each other for years. The both of them have lived in the same neighborhood right next door to each other for their whole lives. They lived in a nice part of town, but the only thing that kept people on the lookout for their surroundings was an old and deserted cemetery about a mile out beyond the woods. . Only a few people were ever buried in that cemetery. Not as often as you would think or ever hope to think. People were afraid of the things that went on in the graveyard. Nobody visited their loved ones. Everybody was too scared. Stories were told though out the town, scary and spine chilling stories. The cemetery was told to be haunted. Some say they have heard horrifying screams from walking in the park in the evenings. One of the most frightening stories told by many of the towns people was that one warm summer evening seven years ago while a hiker was taking a walk through the park, he had decided to take a shortcut through the cemetery. Instead of going around, he decided to go straight on through. It was a full moon that night, just like it is this hallows eve. He was never seen again. Some say he was killed by the haunted spirits that lurk around the cemetery at night.
Both Sam and Homer were very excited. As they both were walking home they began to realize that it was getting late out. The two boys still had a ways to walk. Sam wanted to get home a quicker way so they both came up with a plan. They both knew that under any circumstance they were not to set foot in the cemetery. Both of the boys thought for a moment. “hey what if we were to just run straight on through, I mean we would make it out in ten minutes tops with nothing to go wrong”. Said Sam. Homer wasn’t quite fond of the idea, he wasn’t the daring type. “Come on, nobody will find out, I promise!” pleaded Sam. Homer looked at Sam with a smirk on his face. “Oh, alright, but if something happens,” “I know, I know”. They knew they weren’t to go near the cemetery but they walked past it every day going home and nothing seemed wrong to them. Besides, cutting though the cemetery was the easiest way to get home. The boys were now standing in front of the tall rusted iron gates looking around nervously. Some leaves began to stir through the trees and over the graves. They looked at each other and smiled then began to walk. As they set foot on to the burial ground they had a sudden erg to leave. But they didn’t. They looked around themselves cautiously. They had to watch their steps carefully from being terrified of what could happen if they accidentally stepped on someone’s grave. Tombstones were cracked and some were split in half. The tall, dark trees stood tall with the dark haunting wood beneath.
They were both now just about half way through the cemetery, Sam was talking to Homer. “So, I bet that I’m going to be the one to get the most candy!” said Sam. Homer looked at Sam. “Yeah and for our sleep over tonight, we can stay up all night and fill up on our winnings, we’ll be fat!” they both laughed hysterically until they both looked up and discovered a figure that seemed to look like a human was standing nearly in front of the gates that led out of the graveyard. He looked as if he were angry. The man looked as if he had rolled around in a pile of dirt; his old and shaggy clothes were ripped and faded. His dark and powerful eyes gave him the look to kill. Sam and Homer were terrified. They stopped, looked at each other for a split second then looked back at the figure, but it was gone! They looked around through the wooded areas. Nothing. Sam began to tremble with fear in his eyes. They thought to run for it and go all the way through since they were now almost to the gate. Then the wind began to pick up and whistle through the air. Sam and Homer were scared out of their wits and didn’t know what to do or where to go. They looked behind them and saw the gate that they entered through. They noticed it was getting darker and their parents would be out looking for them worried. They decided to be smart and make a run back. Again they could see the figure; it looked as if he was trying to make his way toward them. Then out of nowhere came a voice. It seemed as the voice was mixed in with the wind. Sam and Homer couldn’t quite make it out what it was saying but they knew it was talking to them, it wasn’t threatening though. They listened carefully to the calm and smooth voice. They heard it again and figured out what it was saying. Then as if it came roaring through the wind it yelled, “RUN”! Both of the boys took off running as fast as they could. Leaves hitting them in the face and the wind blowing its hardest. Dark grey clouds began filling the sky. They were feet away from the gate. It began to close! They gave all their best. Inches before the gate had locked shut with the helpless boys tragically lost inside, they leaped as hard and as far as they could. With a slamming thud to the ground they both opened their eyes afraid of that they may have not made it. They were on the sidewalk outside of the cemetery gates! They sat up and looked around. Nothing was behind those gates other than the graves of the lives that had been lost forever. The wind died down. Sam and Homer looked at each other and laughed, then stood up and walked home… the long way. And just in time to go trick-or-treating together. They never set foot in that cemetery again.

The author's comments:
i was inspired by an assignment in my english class, so i used this story that i had started and ended up finishing it to submit.
What i hope some people will learn from this is trust your instincts. If you dont think something is right, then turn around and leave.

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