The House

October 10, 2010
That morning was like any-other morning, but it was the new girl that made it so much fun. All the guys thought she was cute; her hair was brown like cinnamon and had a little button nose, with brown eyes too. Her name was Anna Timsey, but the problem was that she likes to read. I never liked reading, but man did she like it.
The day started to take a turn for the worst at lunch. She was sitting alone and I wanted to talk to her, so I went and sat down by her to introduce my self.
“ Hi my name is Jake Cranton”, I said with a scared kid of look “ Hi, I’m Anna. I just joined today”.
She was reading a big book called Hamlet; I mean who really knows what that’s about. She had told me about how many books she had read and all of the heroic charters there were. I tried to brag that I had climbed the whole tree in my front yard when I was eight. But what ninth grade girl would be impressed with that.
I got the guts to ask her out, but there was a catch. She told me that if I were to date her I had to do something heroic, but man, the second I sputtered out, “Yea, I have the perfect place; why not the old abandoned house out by the creek.”
That’s when my stomach started to churn and I was freighted. That house was no good, I had been afraid of it since the first grade.
That night my friends Paul, Zach, and I had gotten together to go to the house. We earlier told all our parents lies on where we were spending the night. We were armed head to toe in a way, if you count two pocketknives and a flashlight. It was time and Anna met us at the edge of the gravel road, where the house was. She told us that something strange was in the house, kind of like someone was watching her. No matter what she said it, wouldn’t change my mind. I wanted to prove to myself that I wasn’t scared.
We finally got inside the house it was so gross and weird. There were cobwebs everywhere, the smell of death was in it and it was so bad that, I think it had lingered for over fifty years. It was the darkest place I had ever seen, I was really going to be angry if we couldn’t find the flashlight. Good thing I was thinking about it because that same minute I was thinking about that, cause I wasn’t there, Paul had left it outside when we were talking to Anna. I was so scared I didn’t know what to do; I had a cool, tingling feeling go up my spine. I then knew that we weren’t alone.
It was about eleven o’clock, and all of us were feeling hungry. Our stomachs were growling and I felt of being starved. None of us had the guts to get out of our sleeping bags, and go get the fruit snacks; that we packed in our bags. We were really getting frightful of that house now that we had been hearing things above us in the attic.
Our place we had chosen to sleep was in the library. It was the least creepy out of all the rooms. I soon figured out that it wasn’t the best place to stay. At probably one o’clock we were woken up by something falling on the ground. We saw some-sort of a mist, with a yellowish glow on the out side of it. I saw the face of a dog and a turtle thing with razor sharp teeth sticking out of its mouth, within the mist. It suddenly just left into the dark, and the room started to rumble and shake. “Earth Quake” shouted Paul.
We were getting the heck out of there. We thought it was an earthquake, but we figured out that it was so much scarier. The second we stepped out of the room it stopped, but Paul and I were the only ones that made it out. When we got in there Zach was rolling around on the floor. I thought it was some sick joke, but when I got close to him, he made a weird snarling noise. The sound was like a dog growling out of anger.
That tingling feeling was back, and Zach was still doing the scary rolling thing, but saying things in a demonic tone. That's when i knew for a fact that the voice coming out of Zach, wasn't Zach. The worst part of it all was that I had never messed with anything beyond the grave; well their was a time i played with a ouija board, but i know that paul was moving it with his finger.
The only thing we could do was tie him to a chair, with the dusty old bed sheets from the bed room upstairs. "His hope was in our prayers now." I said, "But what is his mom going to think, when Zach comes home and acts like this" Paul whimpered, with tears.
We ran upstairs and locked the door to the master bed room. We some how thought that maybe we could ride out the haunting. We soon figured out that the bed sheets holding to the chair couldn't hold him. He was acquiring a super human strength, but he could get the door open. The demon inside him didn't have all of his strength, I mean come on it is possessing the wittiest, and weakest kid in the grade.
We had finally sat it out, and the sun started to come up. Paul stated " Wait... Do you hear that?" "Hear what?" I asked, " The heavy panting outside the door, it's gone"
We somehow thought that he was gone. When we stepped out in to the hall, we found Zach laying there asleep. Paul nudged him, trying to wake him up. Zach woke up with out really wanting to. He finally opened his eyes. "What the heck do you guys want, I'm trying to sleep." he said with an exhausted voice. "How did I get up here?"
He keep asking, but Paul and I never told him to this day. I guess, maybe possessions of the human body only happens at night.

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