October 15, 2010
When I was younger my grand dad would always take me for rides in his brand new drop top convertible that was a mustang. I loved it oh so much. Just me and my granddad on Saturday mornings going for joy rides. He would always go super fast. To the point were I always thought I would throw up. But it was okay because I always had a need for speed. My mom would always call me her little speed racer. So when I grew up I always wanted to drive race cars. Racing care to me was my passion. I could not have lived without speed. My whole entire world revolved around it. It was like driving took away all my pain and sandiness and left me with the happiness. Guess you could say I had a need for speed. This shy timid girl was busting out of her shell, and letting the wind rip through her hair. At this point in time girls would not be caught trying to drive on the race track. So I decided to find a new love that involved speed. When I found it I knew I could never give it up. The new love that I found was drag racing. It combined my love or cars and speed. With drag racing it bought a new edge to my like. It was kind of dangerous but I was not even the least bit scared. I love to drag race my 1980 clutch mustang. I had just restored it and I put a new engine in that was super fast. Although drag racing was illegal I always made time to ride it out in the street. The speed of the mustang made my heart race and my head spin. Just like the old days when I would ride in my granddad’s mustang. But one day something bad would change how I felt about drag racing. My phone was vibrating which woke me right up out my sleep. But I was glad to read a familiar name on the caller id. The call was from my boyfriend C.J saying “drag racing contest meet me there”. The address was not one that I knew so I was skeptical of the idea at first. But my need for speed kicked in and I was already out the door keys in my hand. Today I would not be driving because something was scaring the h*** out of me. So my boyfriend agreed to compete in the race for me. The only condition I had was to be right by his side when he was driving. What kind of girlfriend would I be if I said no? So I agreed to ride with him. As the race started we raced off in to the morning glow I can say it was truly beautiful. Next thing I know I was hearing sirens everywhere. All I could think was d*** somebody call and snitched. There goes my prize money and even some jail time. I yelled to C.J to get us the h*** from this place, but it was too late. Just when he was about to get some speed under us one of the cop cars stop us. My boyfriend was an abiding citizen so he pulled over. Rolling down the window so the cop could speak to him, the cop strolled over. Before my poor C.J could even say anything the officer had all ready read him his right and had him in hand cuffs. If I could not have my two loves, C.J and racing then I would have to give racing up forever.

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