Transylvania High

October 13, 2010
By Aketa BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Aketa BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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Silver was driving her new car her dad bought her for her birthday. Her twin brother Tyler was next. To her looking out the window to break the never ending silence Silver said “I can’t believe dad made us transfer schools I mean we’re almost done with high school, just two more years. “Tyler sighed and said “yeah well what can we do, dad said it’s a good school with a lot of opportunities and surprises” Silver parked the car. They were here, the big sign said Transylvania High what a strange name, she though they lived in Salam Massachusetts not Transylvania.
“Lets go” Tyler said interrupting her thoughts. She couldn’t avoid it anymore; she got out of the car and headed towards. The entrance, the warm air greeted her as she opened the front doors revealing a high ceiling and old paintings of people. The thing that baffled her the most was the chandler hanging from the ceiling. It looked like a castle instead of a school “Over here” Tyler said from the other side of the hall. Not wanting to be left alone silver ran to catch up “what a creepy place “ she said when she finally caught up with him “ya but cheek this out “ she turned to see a huge wooden door with golden encryption saying Main Office she knocked twice before hearing the muffled “come in “ Tyler pushed open the heavy set doors and stepped in .It was a big room with fire lite candles and the smell of old books filled the air she followed Tyler in, “welcome, welcome” he said smiling “I am head master Benson and you two must be our new students Tyler and Silver ,you must have a lot of questions but we’ll get to them in all in good time. For now I will give you your schedules ,they’re the same so no need to worry “ he smiled again and there was another knock at the door “headmaster you wanted to see me” A guy about her age walked in he had black hair and blue eyes and he looked annoyed. “Ohh yes come in Albus, theses are new students Silver and Tyler Lockwood, I would appreciate it if you would show them around before classes start so they wont get any “ he paused looking for the right word “surprises” he finally said, Albus nodded and looked at us and said “Please follow me”. He turned and started to walk not looking back so Silver followed not wanting to get lost “he has serious attitude problems” Tyler whispered as they walked out the Main Office “yeah but … wait where did he go he couldn’t have disappeared that fast.
”Keep up” said a voice from the other side of the hall Silver ran to keep up. Albus was standing by a painting it had a big star that was set on fire and there was a girl in the middle raising her arms. It seemed familiar something with a P “It’s a pentagram “Albus said looking at me “our school is big on …mythology and ...Stuff” Tyler who was standing by silver said “Um so what does the pentagram stand for?”Albus turned and looked at the painting and said “ Pentagrams were used symbolically in ancient Greece and Babylonia, and are used today as a symbol of faith by many Wiccans The pentagram has magical associations. And many people who practice Neopagan faiths wear jewelry showing the symbol like this. “He pulled out a necklace with the same star .But before Silver could ask more questions he was moving on to another painting. ”This one is one of the sadder paintings it shows the Salam Witch Trials that’s Sara Good one of the first to be hanged” Albus was going on about the Salam Witches .Silver was wondering why they had so many paintings and half..Well most of them were disturbing. “Umm why do most of the pictures here have the Salam witches and the um….Pentisomething” Pentagram” he corrected “he shrugged and said “our head master has a special umm ...Interest in them” he didn’t say anymore but she could see him smirking at something that sent a chill down her spine she could see by Tyler’s face he was thinking the same thing but as always Tyler kept his cool and shrugged it off and followed Albus up the stairs to the second floor ,Silver not wanting to be left alone in the deserted hall followed her brother .
The room was beautiful obviously; it was antique looking with a chandelier shining like little diamonds sparkling but Albus didn’t stop to let her gawk at the scenery. He was walking to a painting. He looked like he was in a trance but he was weird, so Silver didn’t think much of it .She walked over to where her brother was. “This was in the early days in Europe when the book Dracula came out and the suspicion of vampires ran lose any body who committed suicide was considered the child of night or vampires, the painting he was showing had a tired looking women in a bath tub filled with blood. It was really disturbing so silver said “what’s the point of having these paintings they cant be appropriate for school, this place looks like a museum for like super natural things”. Albus did not find Silvers comment offensive he was smiling “oh you could say that but it is a school and like most schools this one has secrets and a big one at that and if you walk in your class room not knowing this secret you will have a hard time keeping up with what their talking about “ he paused letting what he said sink in “What are you talking about it makes no sense. “ Tyler said “well you have to figure it out I told you before I cant tell you and it’s a secret “ Albus was looking at a different painting when he said this he looked back us and said “well I’ll leave you guys alone to figure..Things out “Silver looked at her brother in confusion and when she looked back at where Albus should be he was gone “This guy is seriously creeping me out “Silver said “Yeah I know and what was he talking about, what secret and what did it have to do with the paintings we saw “Tyler said while looking over the paintings, Silver walked over to the place where Albus was looking before he “disappeared” .The painting was disturbing but it was interesting and familiar it had people in cloaks standing in a circle they had their hoods up so you couldn’t see their faces, they were standing around a fire ,it was the same painting her dad had in his office at home, when ever silver asked about it he said “Oh you’ll know soon enough” “Tyler look at this” silver yelled across the hall “isn’t this the same painting dad has “he asked coming up from behind her Silver shook her head and added “Ya but what does it mean”
Silver saw a small black plaque and said “wait look it has a description and info about the painting
“The painting created over three thousand years ago by an unknown artist it said to be a copy of the original because the original was burned in a ritual fire so outsiders wouldn’t know about them. They were called the Dominion a group of demons like witches and vampires and some unknown creatures they looked like humans but weren’t “Tyler read
“So basically we’re in a school filled with weirdoes who call them self’s the Dominion “ silver said after re reading the plaque “Yes but that makes you a weirdo to.” said a voice coming from the other room ,Albus came back in the room “I see you figured it out but it’s weather you believe it or not “
“I believe it “ silver said surprising her self Albus looked at her and asked “why “ Silver shrugged and said “well my dad has the same painting and I think I heard him say Diminion before and it…just seems familiar “ Albus smiled as the bell rang and said “Welcome to Transylvania High classes will start now “…

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