October 13, 2010
By Skylersmith1997 BRONZE, Gales Ferry, Connecticut
Skylersmith1997 BRONZE, Gales Ferry, Connecticut
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It was dark, I couldn't see. I couldn't tell whether it was a truck or a building. It was too late to tell. My headlights went out in a flash, my car in six different pieces, fire blazing on the open road. I flew through the air in one swift blast. Hitting hard pavement on my way down. I could see police lights through my squinted eyes, blood leaked through my forehead, my eyes closing fully within the minute. I woke up in the hospital, fully healed. No marks, nothing. I asked the nurse what had happened, she looked at me in suprise, thrilled I was awake. She signed me out and let me leave. It felt weird outside, like as if the air was clean..
I didn't know what it felt like. I called for a taxi, told the driver where I lived and he took me home. When I got there I was in shock. My house was a different color, instead of red, it was dark green! Also some car was in my driveway.. I walked inside. I was soon attacked by some stange dog, some person came out and threatened to call the cops, on me, the owner!

After a few days of staying in a cheap motel, it was then I saw it, a small calender, the date was September 15, 2050. I had a collision in March 13, 2010...
I had been in a coma. for 40 years. I didn't even realize that my mother was 50 in 2010, and now, well, I had to call my dad. He was excited I was alive, and after an hour of happy talking, he told me my mother died. The reason I got into a crash was because I left home furious after a fight with her, my last words to her were, "I wish you were dead!". I got my wish...

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