Easy Come Easy Go

October 5, 2010

The cold night came creeping into my bones. The huge leather jacket I was wearing made me look even smaller than I am; I’m surprised that was possible. I didn’t breath. I didn’t move. I didn’t think. I just sat there, frozen. Even the smallest movement would be heard. A thin knife of moonlight priced though into the dark cupboard I was hiding in. I began to wonder where the others were hiding. My muscles were to frozen to jump when someone walked into the empty room I was hiding in. I remembered the room I had slunk into on hearing the front door open. I was in a derelict house; it had many half empty rooms. The room I was hiding in had only one table, one chair and a cupboard; I was hiding in the cupboard. It was just about the most obvious place to hide in this empty room. I was so scared though; I didn’t know where to hide, so I hid in the cupboard. The footsteps quickened, the cupboard door was thrown open and someone smelling of the wood jumped in next to me.
“Hi Emma!” a voice whispered so loudly talking would have been quieter.
“Roy, are you trying to give me a heart attack?” I hissed back.
“Well Hi to you too!” Roy replied, doing his shoelaces.
“What have you been doing? You smell like a wood.” I asked
“I hid in the garden, I didn’t see anyone so I came up. It’s so dam creepy in here. What have you been doing?” Roy said.
“I’ve been hiding here. I heard someone come in Roy, I heard the door open, then close, and then they walked though the hall. I haven’t heard anything else.” I replied said.
“Did you find it?” Roy’s voice quivered just a little.
“Any idea where it could be?”
“I haven’t been on the forth floor yet, do you know where the others are? Omgod did you see Easterner’s last night, I can’t believe” Roy stopped abruptly, the door had opened, there were some more heavy footsteps. The footsteps walked up towards the cupboard, and then stopped. We tired to weld ourselves to the back of the cupboard. There was a click of a lock. Roy and I stared at the door. There was a series of scratches against the doors. The scratches priced into our ears. We shivered in terror, what was that noise? We stared at the door as though it would explode in our now white as sheet faces. There were then some more footsteps leaving the room, and then going down the stairs. Then a door slammed. Roy let out a loud sigh. I shifted in my huge leather jacket.
“He locked us in.” I said, my voice was considerably higher then it usually was. Roy let out another sigh. I began to laugh quietly. Roy was staring at me, the way everyone does when I laugh. It’s happened all my life, this funny staring at me when I laugh.
“Why is this funny?” Roy’s voice sounded much more feminine then it usually does. I was to busy laughing to answer her. I could hear her breathing heavily, and felt bad that I seemed to be laughing at her fear. To be honest I don’t really know what I was laughing at, I never know what I’m laughing at. Most people say I never laugh, but I do, sometimes.
“What will we do?” Roy’s voice was quivering now, she seemed to be on the verge of tears, and so I stopped laughing. I don’t scare very easily, except in films, it’s as though the world of the make believe scares me more than the actual real world. I gave the door a hard kick, both my riding boots hit the inside of the cupboard door with a bang, but again the door did not budge.
“We get out.” I returned. I would have said something more, but I never know how to comfort people. This must have brought some comfort to her as she stopped whimpering. I kicked the door with both feet, as hard as I could. The lock was strong and the doors well made, they didn’t give way.
“Why did whoever that was lock us in?” Roy’s voice was more back to it’s usual self now.
“Maybe they were after that bloody file.” I stood up as I said this; since I’m short my head was only just at the top of the cupboard. I peered though the gap between the two doors. My mind whirled. I began to feel exited. I’m so odd, when most people would be afraid, I get exited. Like I said, I don’t scare easily. Suddenly I knew what to do, it was a satisfying feeling. I had a plan. Of all the things I am I’m a planner; I’m never caught off guard. Nothing ever goes exactly to plan, but I plan around that.
“Watch out.” I said. Then lifted my legs so my feet were against the other side of the cupboard, and I was wedged in the top of the cupboard. With all my strength, I used one leg to give the top of the cupboard a sharp kick. The wood is thinnest at the top of a cupboard, so often you can kick though it. Having made a large hole in the top of the cupboard, I pulled myself out. Getting down was a problem. I was too short. Thankfully Roy pulled her out after me, jumped out, and then lifted me down. She smiled at me.
“You’re wonderful Emma.” Her voice stabbed the darkness. The room seemed bigger than I remembered. “Let’s get out of here, this place gives me the heebie geebies!” Roy’s voice was happy, if she had sung her words they wouldn’t’ have been happier. Roy looked like a boy. Her baggy genes, short hair, black hoodie and low voice; she should have been a boy. Anyone who didn’t know her well thought she was a boy. Her real name, Rosemary, was long forgotten.

Our feet clumped against the dusty floor. I must have looked funny. My long hair pulled up into a messy bun at the top of my head. The huge leather jacket, the end probably reached up to my knees. A loose tank top on underneath, tight black leggings, and large riding boots on too. Roy and I marched out of that huge deserted house, and onto the moonlight streets of London. Still, even at this hour, the London streets were lively. There was people speed walking around the night, each intent on their own business. To my surprise Starbucks was still open, I’m always surprised by how late they’re open.

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