Graveyard Thief

October 3, 2010
By Gerladys001 BRONZE, Tokyo, Other
Gerladys001 BRONZE, Tokyo, Other
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The sea scattered into bits of shimmering crystals, the clouds moved away leaving the empty sky above staring silently back at the sea. One by one the beauty of nature has chosen their path, altering visibility in daylight.

There was something bewitching about the man as he stepped out with an exclamation of disgust. His hands stretched beyond his oversized coat, revealing his eccentric muscles with a large bulge on each fingertip. His face was burnt with recognition, each side fizzling with a constant rush of blood.

The wind swirled around him as his tiny eyes burst out with suppressed laughter. His nose, ever so big and shiny red, betrayed his heavenly lips as he rolled out his silky tongue.

A lullaby echoed in the trees, causing the man to shudder as he watched the dreary woman step out of the graveyard.
“I suppose you did finish the job, just as you said. Fast and efficient, eh?” he questioned.
“All to your requirements James,” she answered without making eye contact.
They hurried along to the trees near the lake without a sound; the sudden strike of thunder sent them both to a state of nausea.
“The plan won’t work James, it just won’t work.”
“We’ll have to see about that,” he lowered his voice “just shut your bloody mouth and don’t make a sound.”
She started quivering; her veins were throbbing with unspeakable pain at the sight of his dead skin peeling off his pale, fragile cheeks.
“We will be monitored, James. They are all around us. There’s no way out, no escape this time,” she paused, eager to convince him not to do anything reckless even though she knew it was no use.

He gaped silently at the dark forest that seems to bellow in return with those forever-wild hollow eyes.
“We ought to go now,” he said “time is running out.”

She paused, recalling upon the misdeeds that led them to today’s misfortune.
“We don’t need to do this, it is not necessary, I know there’s another way.”

That did it, she watched him as he spun around with deep hatred his eyes were blazing with nothing but madness burning into hers.
“There is nothing we can do now, there is no choice! You heard them. The verdict has already been proclaimed.”

She shifted back uneasily; eager to finish the business they had started so that they could ease their guilt.
A child approached them with an eager and tired attitude; they took the child without a word and slipped the child in their sack. The mist blanketed their eyes as they tried to make way through the mist and inside the cave. Their senses sharpened as they lean closer to the sack and dragged out the child.
“We ought to do something about the little one” he muttered in annoyance.
The child stood there, clutching her little bony fingers and started crying restlessly until the sound of the woman’s laughter made her stop.
“Oh James, a child! She’s only a little girl. A child! A child!” she laughed with remorse.

There was something particularly quiet about the girl that seemed to disturbed the other two. As the child bent down and took out the remaining in the sack, her dark silky curls lay beneath her hard-soft skin. The two watched in absolute horror when they realized what they had done.

The rain outside ceased little by little; the smell of Azuela filled the space with a vile greeting.
“James, it’s…the wrong child”
There was no answer, the silent rhythmic breathing bounced off the caves, causing an infinite distress of small gasps and exhaustion.
“The wrong kid James, it wasn’t the one we thought we saw.”
“Then we’ve been set up,” he muttered.
The child smiled at them time to time and held it in her hands as their eyes screamed for the object.
“Daddy will come anytime now. I’m afraid the both of you have been touching the wrong grave at the wrong time” the little girl sneered with a vicious laugh.
“James, we got the wrong child, there’s no turning back now. Dr. Damyes will be here anytime soon. We’ve got to go” she paused to take out her knife and looked around her with precaution. There was no sanity in his eyes now; she gaped in horror as the man she thought she knew strived for her life.
At once, both were fighting for the sake of their lives on the ground, the girl stood there enjoying the show as the two started to ferociously stab each other with the knife.
“I told you countless of times, Marie,” the little girl paused to wipe the blood that splattered on her lips “I told you again and again to not mess with our little graveyard, but you just won’t listen!”

Marie closed her eyes, longing for the nightmares to end like it would when she was young. She imagined her mother rubbing her forehead and singing her country songs. A simple flaw, just one single flaw that would cause her to transform into a completely naïve fool without a future, she should never have stepped into the graveyard in the first place.
“There wasn’t anything you could do about it in the first place,” the little girl continued “you and your husband was our plan from the very beginning, both of you would be our cover. We needed someone to cover us from murder.”

Slowly, Marie felt the pain spreading; she thrust out her arms and thrashed her legs in the air. The agony was pressing against her closer and tighter as the knife went in deeper and harder.

The girl went forward with a sly smile formed on her rosy lips as Marie dazed slowly and painlessly to sleep, never again waking up to see the luminous light again.

The author's comments:
I love horror books, i hope this is weird enough for everyone (ILY, thnx ppl)

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