Nothing Can Surpass The Murderous..

October 2, 2010
By rueebee21 SILVER, El Paso, Texas
rueebee21 SILVER, El Paso, Texas
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Before I could scream, another hand closed over my mouth."Oh,put a sock in it"the nurse said coldly.I was wearing a street jacket.I was young,smart but,most of all powerful.I am a murder anything but,"mentally ill" or so they say. "You will never know how h*** burns,you'll never know what my heart needs
nothing can surpass the murderous.."that right there is my saying and frankly it is the cold hard truth.That was what I told the state of justice."One evil young man,you are" the mother of my victim accuses me of.Ha ha, music to my ears.Her voice strong and just so sure but,fearful-Perfect combinations...for an old, white haired woman that she is. It was over a year ago,a beautiful young girl,Aili was. Glorious tanned body,amazingly brown chocolate eyes,long and gracious strands of black hair and lets not forget her shining white seductive smile she had- Beyond a beautiful German girl Aili,was.Everyone goes through a dark time of their life's,right? Here is my story of such an exquisite profession that I have been obligated to do.Picture it,December 24th,1967 Christmas Eve in Northern Germany. I decided to sneak into a private party and I blended in pretty good actually I faked that I was Adrain's cousin Adelmo.Nice white tuxedo I wore to this banquet.I was keeping an eye out for the classic setup and there Aili was walking up the steps to Adrian's home.A ravishing glittered black dress,white fur coat,and those black high heels she wore that made her as tall as me.As she entered the brightly lightened room full of people,she did not see me,she walked by as if I were air-UNEXCEPTABLE! I search for Aili in this mess of people.Ah,there she is sitting alone.I approach her,"Why hello my darling,how are you this fine Christmas Eve?" I say with this small and shy smile.Aili looks up at me and smiles at me with her irresistible dark chocolate brown eyes and her flirtatious and intense red lipstick smile."Quite fine, my name is Aili Schweitzer and you are...?" she asked.What the h*** I'll give her my real name,why would this matter?It will all end the same way no matter what."my name is Dero Goi" I say casually. After I say so,our conversation went silent for more than what felt like forever just staring at her.Looking at her my plan became even more detailed than planned-Brilliant this makes my life quite a bit easier."You know it is getting pretty crowded in here,how about we go out side and take a stroll around the neighborhood,yes?"she asked."Of course,anything for such a gorgeous girl like you,Aili."I say flirtatiously.All she did was let her cheeks turn a light pink,a shy smile and gently brush against my shoulder.This is all going according to plan.I must laugh quietly inside.We walk around like a dog would-turning left and right no particular place in mind and as much time in the world.Our walk was silent but,as soon as I returned her to familiar door steps she surprisingly leans in and gives me this warm yet,gentle hug-I am immune to this,this type of disgust but,I will play by the rules of the game,so I can become close to what I crave-murder."Call me sometime tomorrow and possibly we meet at a coffee shop?" Aili questions with this sparkle in her eye.That just seems to make me smile and feel some type of sympathy for this human creature but,I play this by ear and there is no such thing as giving in or what not."Why yes that sounds like a great idea." I say.I return home and fall asleep and dream about the dreams of the future near by. The next day comes,surely and as Aili wanted she got it;we see each other again at the small coffee shop down the street on Roman Ave."DERO!!"Aili called out she was wearing a black pair of slacks,boots,white blouse,her white fur coat to keeep warm and her long black hair gently layers on top. I put on this big happy smile and lean in to hug her."Aili" I whisper. All to easy. We sit and talk about anything and everything."Dero this seems more like a date rather than just talking over coffee with you" Aili pointed out."True,it was just a talk over coffee we planned but,if you want I can make it a date?" I say and I can see this on going shining smile on her face."Yes,that feels more appropiate for this situation" she said picking and choosing her words.I walk her home and most likely she wants to see me again and of course I must agree for the sake of my plan to work out.



It's mid-April and I am still dating Aili Schweitzer.Latley she has been seeming to avoid something that she feels she must say."Aili, what is bothering you? There is most definitely something going on and you certianly know you can tell me,anything"I say surely.Aili's eyes widen with tears ready to fall out."Come on,take me home and I will explain along the way." she said looking down at the cement cracks on the constantly used side walk."I have a secret that is not very easy to believe or even for me to say to you,Dero.It's something that is evil inside me...I am possesed by the devil" I was shocked."Um..Wow...this is a very appalling and serious matter you that,right Aili? How sure are you about this?"I question."I know it is a lot to take in,in only about 2 seconds worth of me saying what I was trying to avoid tellling you but,I know I am possesed because look at wrists.." Aili commanded and I do so. My eyes widen with astonishment,deep and brightly red blooded scars.Aili made those scratches and cuts along her arms."I scream and cry aloud when I am alone and I am uncontrolable not even my parents can calm me.." Aili goes on and on"and.." before she could even finish what she going to say she ran inside her home. I sat there on the door steps for a minute before I stood up and left.Honestly,Do I Love?..Aili? Part of me does,truely but,I must not! I arrive home and I begin to suite out into the black cascet and soon enough I'm out the house with my brief case."Ready or not,it must be done."I mutter to myself.I stop to find a pay phone and dial Aili's home phone."Hello" her mother answered and in the background I hear Aili's voice nothing like her evil demented voice she had."I am Dero Gio,I have been seeing your daughter for the past 4 months and recently Aili told me about how she is possessed,I can help you" I say."Please!! Aili is getting worse by the minute,come as soon as possible!" and Mrs.Schweitzer hung up as soon as she said to go as soon as possible."Ha ha ha ha,this is glorious,simply glorious!" I drive off to the old church up Dresden street. I arrive and the rusting iron fence that surrounds the old empty church.It's concealed from the rest of the city life that lies down the hill.I get off the car take out my suit case filled with unholy water and bible.I walk up to the gates and open them like nothing,walking up the path leading to the steps with dead yellow grass and lifeless bold trees,going up the steps while making creaking noises.I finally approached the door and walk in.I look around dusty and unused place-my personal h*** here surrounded by "holy statues" with cob webs.I walk past this and go up another flight of squeaking stairs.I reach the second floor each step I took I was confiedent that this will work.I look in the hallway and head towards the door that is in the end of the hall.There he was the so called"Father" sitting down staring at me in the doorway"Come on in,what can I do for you?" he said. The old man is hopefully going to fall for this."Hello my Father,I came down from the parish of St.Vincent's and I have a friend,Aili who seems possessed by the devil and I am going to perform an exercism on her and I need your...blessing." I lied. Priest John smiled and nodded his head. I kneeled down and kissed his purple rinestoned ring that matched his casscet.As I did so he made the sign of the cross and muttered some words.Once,that was over I got up and walked off back outside and into my car and off I went to Aili's home on Webergasse Avenue.Her home seems normal as I get out of the car with my brief case in my hands. I walk up the steps and knock on the door.Her parents quickly answer the door "Dero Gio" Mr.Schweitzer said.I took a second and just looked at the short old white harid man in a suite inviting me in.I walk in the house is not even a home the presence of my father..Satan was here and it was insanely strong-thank you. The house was torn apart with broken glass every where,chipped paint, and the rail to go up the stairs was falling off. "Enough is enough,my daughter needs you go!!" Mr.Schweitzer pleaded. I walk up the stairs and I reach the top to find a little old woman with her silver white hair pulled back,crying and holding a rosary.I walk past her and into the room of Aili's. The bed shaking and broken glass all over the floor,I look up to find Alil's body floating up in the air. "MY SON,DERO READY TO MAKE AILI MINE??" It was Satan inside the body of Aili. He is my ultimate father,the one I love,honor and worship with all my heart and soul."Yes,my father" I say with a cringe of shock. I opened my breif case and took out 3candles and a ligher to light the candles and I simply prayed to Satan while he did his job.I looked at Aili and she was on the bed stretched out and her stomach read H E L P. I laughed. Hours pass with objects breaking,flying and floating across the room and just stood there watching and giving my father the power to finish the obligation.Soon my father was done and Aili's body was left hanging while Father carried her soul with him "You have done well,my son of mine,you make me very proud" Those we his last words to me.I smile and leave the room calmly and I close the door behind me.Outside were the parents and I just walk by and stood next to the door frame of the house. Screams and cries filled the room."Ha ha ha, well done" I say to myself just as I walked to my car and left.

It was only a week later when Germany's police men bursted through my front door,hand cuffed me and lead me into their vehicle and I was under custody.The lawyer just finished showing the pictures of Aili's body."Allow me to tell my story..." I said proudly with a smile on my face. "Aili, a beautiful German creature,she was perfect and I had to do some good,my father wanted her soul and I did what was my duty,let my father take her soul."I smile while everyone around me looked at me in disturbance.They went easy on me,"Life in psychiatric home" Security hand cuffed me and sent me to the crazy house. "Dero your meds are here!" said the nurse."I Am Not Mentally Ill, I am The Murder!!" I yell back as she closes my door.I never drink those pill those fools give me,I through them out.Just like a pill that home kicked me out and put in a prision instead with still pyschiatric help.For what you may ask? Addie a patient there,he was the most annoyingest and loudest person of all and it had to end sooner or later so,I grab his head and with just enough strength I crushed his head and now no more Addie. Haha,that was nothing.They transfered me that same day in hand cuffes in the back seat of a white van."Watch me" I say to the driver and passenger at a stop light. I bust the hand cuffes and punched the driver in the nose,easy enough for his nose to break.What can I say? I wanted some fun along the way,I fought 7 guards and finally I gave them a break and let them wrap in a stupid white street jacket.Now I am here at Palm Springs looking for prey once a again;Nothing can surpass the murderous..

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