White wolf 4: Death

October 6, 2010
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In the end, we both got what we wanted. White fur was able to live a wolfs life and love with a wolfs heart. I was able to live a life with no regrets and I will finally go to my final resting place, in the light I could never find. Well I wish it was like that. As I lay on my death bed alone, I could only just think of how life was only a year ago. Me and white fur lived with the pack all our lives. Pups were born but none were ours, yet. We hunted until the day was end and slept till the night was bright. We moved from the mountain when the Indian tribe moved. We now live in a forest with so much gain, big and small; we only needed to hunt in packs when the winter came. Every now and again hunters came and went, leaving traps everywhere. We had to be very careful around those bear traps especially. Me and white fur almost never hunted alone. Only once did I hunt alone, and that was when white fur was so far in pregnancy, she almost couldn’t walk. So I hunted for some small deer for her. She would be safe with the pack. I found one, and began to hunt. I inched closer to it, until I knew I would catch it. Just as I was about to start the chase, a pain like no other shot up my leg. I stepped on one of the bear traps laid by the hunters. I was so caught up in the hunt, I didn’t realize it. I yelped so loud you could here the echoes from far away. I laid there trying to get it off before it want into my bone. Then my leg would come off. I tried for what seemed like hours until I heard a noise from one of the near by bushes. Two large men stepped out from behind the bush. “Well, look what we got here” the larger and obviously older man said with a smile on his face. I growled loud and dangerously, pulling a bluff. They both had hunting guns, so if the wanted to they could kill me at any time. “Looks like ill have a wolf pelt instead of a bear pelt. Oh well I guest ill try again later.” He said. He aimed the gun at my head, and I stared up the gun, seeing my death. Suddenly, white fur was on the man. She snapped at his fingers with the gun. They ran for it and se helped me out of the trap. They didn’t run far, and the turned around when they saw she was weak. She was having a hard time moving. She was able to run at least. We ran as if there was no tomorrow, leaving the hunters far behind. As I looked over my shoulder just in time to see the larger man pull the trigger. It wasn’t aimed at me either; it was aimed at……. All of a sudden my fur was wet. The snow was red and time seemed to freeze. I looked at were white fur was lying, on the snow bleeding from her head. She lied there dead. The hunters were gone when I turned around. Then somewhere in me darkness came over me. Coldness nothing like death. Anger filled my mind along with vengeance. I carried white furs body, and laid it under a hollow tree as her final resting place. If wolves could cry I still wouldn’t be able to for anger filled my very being. I lost not only the love of my life, but also the litter of pups she was carrying. I turned and ran to were the hunters last were. I followed there sent for many miles. The weren’t traveling by foot, but by car. After a whole night of traveling, I came upon a little log cabin. I knocked down the door as if it was confetti in my way. I took a quick look around, and in the corner on a bear fur colored couch was the younger of the two hunters. He was just getting up, surprised at the door falling down. I was on him before he could think of what do. An incredible anger took me, and I bit his throat clean from his neck. I watched as the light slowly faded from his eyes. He gurgled from his own blood flowing into his throat. I watched until his eyes were dark, and showed no signs of life. I turned to the door just behind me. The anger I felt was building up inside me like a volcano ready to blow. I went through the large wooden door as if it was only air in my way. My anger was making me stronger than anything a wolf could experience. I looked around the small room for the man. The only thing in it was a large crib for a child. The thought of loosing not only white fur, but also our litter of pups, blinded my actions slightly. I was leaving for the next room, when I heard a whimper. I turned, and hiding in one corner I over looked, was a women holding a small infant in her hands. It was likely to be the older man’s wife and child. If I couldn’t have his throat in my jaws, then I would have their blood on these walls. I walked towards them, killing on my mind, when I heard a scream of anger and terror from the front door. The older man was now where the front door once stood. He seemed to fill up the space itself, but that did not matter to me. I only wanted to taste his blood. He saw me and screamed a scream of rage. He rushed towards me, and I ran towards him. I went under than behind him, and sent my paw down his spine. He fell like a rock, but he wasn’t crippled. I bit through his shoulder blade till he was on his back and I felt his bone snap under my teeth. He laid his back holding his bleeding shoulder. I savored the taste of his blood as I cast my shadow over him like the shadow of death. I decided to tear his heart like he tore mine. I began to rip through his flesh. It was like tearing through leaves. I went through muscles and veins quicker than he could react. He screamed and bellowed with pain. He began punching me, but it was like a pillow to the face. Soon I got tired of it, and as his hand drew back for another blow, I grabbed it in my jaws, and bit down. His fingers fell into my mouth. At this point he was barley conscious. Soon I reached the bone. I saw his rib cage, and ripped most of them out. I saw his heart after a few ribs went. I looked up, and saw that the man was half between life, and death. I went back to his ribs until there was nothing covering his organs. Soon I could see his heart beating blood through his veins, speeding like a rabbit. I could see his lungs inhaling and exhaling rapidly. By this time he was half unconscious. I bit and pulled his beating heart right out of his chest. I felt it beat one last time before it stopped in my jaw. The man was dead on the floor in a pool of his own blood. I looked at him, but my anger had not subsided. Rage still filled my eyes. Then I heard the crying of a child. I walked into the room. She was attempting to open the window on the other side of the room. She saw me, and dropped to the floor. She grabbed the child, and cuddled it in her arms, as if she could protect it. I thought of how white fur would have done that for our pups. That very thought filled me with immeasurable anger. I was walking towards them, when I passed a mirror. What was in the mirror was what scared me. It was me, but it wasn’t. My face, eyes, and what really got my attention was my fur. It was as black as white fur, when anger and darkness was taking over her. My eyes were turning, not wolf light, but night dark. I didn’t look anything of who I once was. Only part of my eye was the right color. I ran from the cabin, towards the river. I thrashed in it, trying to get the darkness off of me. I ran down the river until I dint know where I was. I kept thrashing the water on me, and I kept trying to get rid of the blackness like it was a stain. Eventually I got tired, and laid in a patch of grass near the river. When I looked up, I saw I was at the base of a large tree. Soon the wind began to blow through the leaves. What I heard made me get up. The wind was making a howling noise as it went through the leaves. As if white fur was the wind it self. I howled with the wind. With white fur. Soon the howling the wind subsided and the howling stopped. I lay there, trying to be close to her. Soon my anger subsided, and I felt only sadness. “So she’s finally dead” a voice said from behind me. I turned, and I saw what looked like a shadow of the sun, but it was a wolf. It had the face of white fun, but fur like a shadow. He looked like white fur her when she was almost swallowed by anger and darkness, or like when I saw myself going dark. “It’s so nice to be whole again.” He said. Along with white furs face, he could talk. “Talk already human”. How did he know I asked myself. I tried, and I could! But it was very difficult; doing something I haven’t done in years. “Who are you? And how did you know?” I asked. “That isn’t important. What is important, human, is you stay out of my way.” he said. “What are you” I asked? “I am my sister’s shadow. I am the hatred of the world. My power flows through you I see” He said. I looked down at myself, my fur was still black as night. “ stay here in the forest, and creatures of the world shall be spared. You know of my power. After all a little flows through you” he said. Then I remembered how easy it was to knock down a big wooden door, and how easy it was to tear through that man. If that was a little of his power, I didn’t want to see its full extent. “Well ill be off now, come after me, with that little strength you have, and the world shall rain in darkness. Humans must pay for what the have done.” He seemed to say the last part to himself. As he began running, a dark cloud formed in the skies. When he was out of sight, the dark cloud was still visible. But it was moving in the direction of where he was. I walked and lay under one of the trees, wondering what evil has been let lose on the world.

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