The Horde

September 28, 2010
By StevenKing BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
StevenKing BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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Cherokee ran afer a man named Obadiah. Cherokee was a police man in the town of Willamete Colorado.
Cherokee ran after Obadiah and finally cauht him after about a mile. When he got there Cherokee tackled Obadiah. "Why were you running from me" he asked.
"Who said I was running from you? asked Obadiah. " I was actually running from them."

Chertokee loked back to where Obadiah was running and saw them. there were at least 50 blood covered Zombies.

'Oh no, those are zombies, and i left my gun at home!' Thought Cherokee. He looked around and saw a sword shop. "Get in Obadiah" screamed Cherokee. Cherokee ran and into the sword shop. the only people there were the owner and a really tough looking man.

The next day, The group heard helicopter blades whirring over the city. The chopper was headed towards the mall near the edge of Willamete. On the tv, it said that the whole town was quarentined from anything else the night before.

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this is a Video Game called Deadrising which takes place in the Wilamete Colorado Town Mall, and the main character got to the mall by flying in a helicoptor

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