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September 27, 2010
By theatercamper112 SILVER, Lemont, Illinois
theatercamper112 SILVER, Lemont, Illinois
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It is a Monday morning of October 11th. There is no sun outside and it is freezing this G day and I know that I have a quiz fourth hour for Mr. Prangen, I did study for this quiz in advance but I will go over during a lunch just to make sure. But today just felt different. So I go to my first G-day class which is Pre-Calc with Mrs. Huling and I have a homework quiz and I can use my notes which I enjoy. But half way through the period I can hear screaming and it is not in my head. So I write myself a pass to go use the bathroom/get a drink of water and when I get into the bathroom there is something written on the stall. I am trying to read what it says but I really can’t so since I am wearing a hoodie I decided to wipe as much of the dirt or what looked like dirt off to read the writing. 10 minutes later I know the saying and I go back to class because my teacher is probably worried and wondering where I went to….I enter the class and Mrs.Huling says “Where did you go” and I told her “there was something written on the bathroom stall” Mrs.Huling says “was it inappropriate and I tell her “no, it wasn’t but I got a bad vibe from it so something might or might not happen here”. Then all of a sudden the lights go out, a storm is getting worse. At 9:27 Mrs. Huling tells my class “just go to your next hour.” We all leave and my second hour teacher has been down in the PPS office and was told that everyone needs to be careful to day. By mid-way through Mrs.Armbrecht class lights magically go on but then I hear the screaming again so I decide to go out with my pass book to find out what is going on. The lights are flickering on and off then I just feel like I am not the only one out of class. So I turned around and I see someone and I decided to follow them down to the first floor and that is where I see the saying again. I went back to class and then I want to know what is with the lights then complete power out. So I skip out on lunch just because I am not hungry. So as I am in the library I was looking for Mrs. Mayer to ask her about NEHS and if she could just email me sometime this week but Mrs. Rick told me that she “went to lunch earlier” then I said “Okay. Just tell her I had stopped by”. Leaving the library and I started to hear someone either crying or wailing from being in pain. Since I was on the 3rd floor and near the main stair case I knew someone was at least on the second floor. So I couldn’t take the elevator so I quickly ran down the stairs and found my friend John Daly and asked “Hey, You okay? Do you want to talk” he said “No. But how did you find me?” I told him “I was on the third floor and could hear everything. Are you sure okay?” he said “Yes, but this is for you, someone gave it to me.” I said “Okay” and looked a little bit in shocked. Took the note and opened it and started to read it. Note said continue to follow me or find out what I am doing then you can say goodbye to your friends. So during lunch I am trying to figure things out and well it is really hard. 3rd hour I had Chemistry with Mr. Hill as my teacher and we were doing a lab and it isn’t that bad pretty simple. I really want to know what is going on in my high school. So after running into my friend John Daly I then run into my friend René Tovar and ask her if she has noticed anything weird. She told me “Yes. I have been noticing some weird things especially with the teachers.” I replied “Okay. I thought I was the only one.” She told me that “it is okay.” I told her “to write everything that she finds that is not normal.” After running into Rene I thought about going back to the note and trying to figure out who could be behind this and why. I go down to the first floor and saw someone from far away and I think that he saw me. So he took off running and I think I knew he was going after one of my friends. Thank god for cell phones and I sent a text to all my friends saying “get out of the high school now!!!!!! You will thank me later.” I had to go to government which I had a quiz in an I felt okay about taking it and I know I am not a test taker so and after the quiz, government was a breeze just watching a movie. Later on I caught up the with the guy and he took off running up to the fourth floor and well I followed him as best I could. He dropped another note as I was chasing him that said “if you care deeply about your friends- you’ll stop following me now!!! I’M SERIOUS!” I lost the guy after reading the note but my phone started to vibrate I was receiving a video message from Nick Taluzek saying “Bagal- Please come and help us and hurry!!!” and I respond “Nick, What’s going on please respond then I get a video from the guy saying “stop following me or one of your friends will die.” Then after that message I didn’t know who to trust so I go to the library and I run in to Mrs.Melei and she looks at me and says “Are you okay?” and I replied “yes, at least I think I am.” Mrs. Melei asks “Do you want to talk?” I said “sure. But I have a question for you” She says “okay” and then I say to her “Have you noticed anything weird going on in the high school” she said “No” I said “ok” and then I took off to rehearsal that I was suppose to have the one I schedule because we really need the practice and we all needed to get off book and the faster that happens the better off we will be. So I am at rehearsal and I think I’m the only one and that is just perfect. So I see if the PAC (Performing Art Center) is open and well it is and that is not normal. I go inside and it is pitch black then the PAC lights go on. So I will be the one to go on stage and just go over and over my lines until 5:45 but around 3:45 I hear something so I decide to leave the school for the day but I have a feeling that this mystery will take a few days to figure out. The next day things are a little better but not completely and it is also a B-Day which is my blow-off day just because the only class I have is German Three honors. Rene comes up to me saying “Can we meet somewhere to talk?” and I tell her “Yes, What did you find?” she said “Can you meet me in the library to talk last half of third hour today?” I said “Yes.” So the last half we (René and I) are in the library and she is telling me about how she got a few of the same notes except she had something sticking to her locker this morning and the writing looked like it could have been someone’s blood or a red sharpie that someone decided to go over on the piece of paper. Rene also said that “this isn’t normal Mel” I said “I know. But what did the note say” She said “it said to tell your friend to stop this investigation or else” I told her “you can back out but I am not done until I figure this guy out and why he has been doing the weird things.” So since I have Mrs.Melei fourth hour and Megan, Milda and I really do so much for Mrs.Melei I think I might find a way to sneak out and go to the third floor to look around and also in my locker to see if the guy has left me any clues or threatening notes and there is something in my locker that say “Go downstairs (but don’t take the elevator) to the first floor, go into the writing center to find your next hint and if you are smarter than what I think of you then you should be able to find me by Thursday at the latest. Going down to the writing center I run into René and John and they tell me “we want to help you! C’mon Mel, you know you want to.” I said “it is not that I don’t I wouldn’t want you guys to get hurt because the text messages I have gotten in the last few days. Both of them said “No. We are helping you no matter what you said” I respond to them saying “Alright.” Then hear is the game plan John you take third and fourth floor, René you take second and I will cover the first along with the office. But first there is a clue in the writing center so I said before we go off on to our specific places we all need to find a clue that he left somewhere and then all of a sudden the power goes back on. That’s when I log on to the computer with the smart board attached to it. Turned on the smart board and there is another clue saying “next clue to find is in a room on the third floor facing the LRC. So I thought of Mr. Clark’s room and before I went upstairs to go check Mr. Clark’s room I gave John & Rene walkie talkies so we can stay in touch while we are on different floors. Since it is just the three of us I thought I would listen to my iPod while going into Mr. Clarks room to find the clue, so looking around the room to find something I pick up my walkie talkie and say “John…Rene do you copy” and 5 minutes pass by and I say it again “John…Rene do you copy” nothing not a response I get freaked so I go back down to the writing center to see if I can find them but nothing walkie talkies are sitting on the table and there is a note on the smart board telling me to butt out or else. So I ignore the text and go on a hunt for the insane ones that I let help me on this mystery. As I am going up on to the second floor I feel as if someone is behind me and well I turn around and no one is there so I try to go forward but all of a sudden someone is trying to take me away to where my friends are so five to ten minutes later I am in Mr. Nees’s room and I know half of the people who are in this room and there is the person he is standing right in front of me. I said to all of them “What is going on?” John tells me “You are probably going to kill me for saying this but, you did look a little stressed out about things in general” I respond “Tell me now” He tells me “Sit down. This was a joke on you to get you out of your comfort zone and to find out if you could solve this so did you? Did you figure this out” I replied “No, but I was so close to figuring things out until you all snatched me on the second floor and in the stairwell.” John replies “Well, do you know who the masked figure is?” I said “I think….Is it a senior who just graduated and was in drama and speech team and the musicals?” He replies “Yes, indeed it is. But what is his name?” “Is it Justin Doebert?” John tells me “Yes.” After john told me it was Justin I knew that most of drama club was trying to get me to have some fun since apparently I wasn’t and need some time to relax did I have fun trying to solve a mystery. But I knew I needed to relax so this was the most relaxing thing to do because I had fun and I got to try a solve a mystery but if any junior/senior needs this in the future this is choice for them. As we were leaving the school I said something to everyone “No one died, so is that a mystery?” Rene said “Yes because people went missing.” I said “Okay. Thanks” she then said “It’s no problem at all.” So this was the best 3 days in the high school and it was only a joke. The joke was for me but it was to get the fun back in me and it was difficult but totally and 100% worth every minute of it and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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This was just something I came up with please tell me what you think.

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