Curious Set Of Keys

September 27, 2010
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In his pocket, he found a curious set of keys. He had just grabbed his coat off of the coat rack after he was done eating my sushi at the Sea Food Lonuge restaurant. He walked out of the restaurant, glaring at the smiling old doorman opening the door for me as I left. He walked to my rusty beat down old car and pulled the door open. The car door didn't budge. He pulled again, and again, and again, Still it didn't budge. He reached into the pocket of my denim coat, and pulled out my keys, except they weren't my keys. He pulled out three strange keys on a brass key holder. He pressed the automatic start button, and a car started. He turned around, and was shocked.

"Can I help you with anything sir?" The smiling doorman asked me.

" No thank you, I'm fine, just having some car problems!" He yelled hoping he'd just go away and leave me alone.

He stepped towards the car that started. It was a shiny red mustange. I couldn't beleive what he had found. He looked back over at his rusty beat down old car, and said his goodbyes. He thought to himself I'd rather have this nice car then that peice of junk anyway. He got into the mustange. He sat down on the leather seat and gripped the snake skin driving wheel. He put my head on the wheel, and thought to himself is the really happening to me.

He decided to look at they strange keys again to see what else he could find. I pulled out the keys, and it had a keychain on it that said 401. I thought to myself what could that mean? Then it hit me. Go to the address 401. He quickly drove to the address 401, and while he was driving, he was starting to get this bad feeling in my stomach. He kept gripping the snakeskin wheel tighter and tighter because he knew something was going to go wrong.

He finally got to the address 401. He looked around, and saw a beat down old house that looks like no ones been living in it for years. He got out of the car, and shut the door. It echoed because of this house was in the middle of no where. He walked towards the house and saw the front door had the number 401 on it. He walked up the three cement stairs. He put one of his keys in there and it clicked. He clutched the crystal door knob, and turned it. He stepped inside. All he could see was blackness. There was a candle so he lit it up, and searched the house. He found an open refridegeartor, a broken TV, a couch, and a painting. He looked closer at the painting, and it said 401 on it. He grabbed the painting off of the wall and checked behind it. He found an envelope that said John, his name. He opened the envelope and read the letter. It said.

"Dear John,

I wished I could have said something to you earlier, but I just couldn't quite get it out. I've been watching you these past couple of days. You take for granted all of the little things people do for you. People are nice to you, your not nice to them back.


the Door Man

He looked up, and saw the smiling door man from the Sea Food Lonuge. He had a knife in his hands.

"Hey there", he said, "what are you doing with that big knife do you want me to help you with that?"

"No need for chit chat. I haven't got all day. My shifts still going on, and there is no one holding the door at the Sea Food Lounge so I'll make this quick. You aren't a very nice eprson John. I always hold the door for you, and you never say thank you or you always glare at me. Well you won't get that chance anymore. The door man screamed.

He gripped the knife and came charging at John. John was in shock, but then realized he still had one more key left on his brass key holder. He dodged the door mans attempt to stab him ran into the basement with the key in his hand. He looked around for a box or anything that could have something in it to help him. He looked behind him, and saw a box that said his name on it. He opened it up and picked out of the box and ran up stairs. The doorman was sitting on the couch saying why to himself. John slowly walked towards the old man and put his gun on his forehead. He pulled the trigger. The old man died that day. John felt sorry for the old man so he put a blanket over the dead body, and walked out of the house. He walked to his red mustange and got inside. Killing the old doorman really worked up an appetite. He drove to the Sea Food Lounge, sat down and had his sushi once again, and thought. It was a good thing that I found those curious keys in my pocket.

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