A Horror Story about Fingernails

September 21, 2010
By Anonymous

Ripping, tearing, clawing at my skin- you dug my heart out. I lied right out before you as you tore my body to shreds and took my still-beating heart into your hand. Once it lied in your palm, you dropped it back into me and left. I know not why but I do not care. All I know is that I want revenge.

I’ll do as you did to me with half the speed, twice the intensity, and infinitely more passion. What was just a game for you is my goal and shall be achieved. My wounds have healed and my strength has returned so I now stand in perfect condition to take my claw to you. Even if I shall once again be maimed, twice as painful as before and without healing, you shall feel my claw on you.

O but not all my pleasure shall be your pain as you shall not know true pain if you know not joy either. I shall tease you with the joys of life, you shall experience bliss in touch and finally you shall be let rest for small periods of time before you belong to my wrath once more.

Know that my wrath is not personal and I harbor no hatred for you despite whatever your feelings toward me are. I just wish to get even with you after such a wrong was made against me. Only to balance the order of right and wrong shall this sacrifice of your breast and heart be for. Perhaps after we can start anew, play games, compare scars, and live happy lives. Together.

But till then I shall be searching for you and find you sometime before my death. Be ready to feel the full force of my body atop you and my claw digging into your breast.

The author's comments:
Random piece inspired by the description of Poe's story "Berenice". Not nearly as good(or bad) as I can get so this first work probably shouldn't be taken so seriously. It has no meaning or purpose, entirely random and pointless.

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