The Only One

September 20, 2010
The loud noise of everyone screaming. Ugh so loud! What is the big deal of the end of the day?! We still get to come back tomorrow!
It's very difficult to take a step without being pushed around and tripped. Wow. Our highschool doesn't even look like a school anymore. It just looks like a house of wild animals. I gather my things and head on to Mr. Smith's class. "I shouldn't have been absent. I would get to go home and just relax."
I step into the class and sit down. I reach into my pocket and get a piece of gum.
Finally, an hour ends and I get to go home. I drop all my stuff and spend 15 minutes picking everything up. Before I'm done, Mr. Smith tells me that he is going to leave and that there is nobody else in the building. I say ok and he leaves for the night.
I really needed to go to the bathroom. I go to the bathroom. When I'm finished, I go to the sink to wash my hands. I heard a strange noise. Then suddenly, I heard somebody whisper my name. That really scared me. I ignored it and headed on out.
I felt like I was being watched. After every five steps I took, I would take a look back. Nothing would be there.
Suddenly, I heard steps behind me. That really scared me! Mr. Smith had said that every janitor had already left, and that there was nobody else in the whole building.
I didn't dare to take a look back this time. "Jasmine" somebody whispered. I ran. But I wasn't fast enough. Soon enough, a man dressed in black, catched up to me! He held my head, and put a wet rag on my face.
Hours past, and I was still onconsious. Finally, I woke up. He was there; staring at my face; as if he were admiring it. I tried to scream; but I couldn't. My mouth had been taped with ducktape.
He said, "You don't have to be pushed and tripped every time you take a step anymore, Jasmine." How did he know my name? I thought. He rose up and axe, and simply, chopped off my head...

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