how easy you are to break...

September 20, 2010
By NikitaBliss PLATINUM, Galion, Ohio
NikitaBliss PLATINUM, Galion, Ohio
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The more you wait, the more it sucks.

His gentle hand cupped my face. "Izobell. Don't you trust me?" He whispers with a sad smile. My heart slams in my chest. I nod and i shakingly move my hand to his. "Yes, I do. I love you..." I choke out through my chattering teeth. "Of course you do, Izobell, I've always been here for you. Have I not?" He asks and pulls me into an embrace and I feel his arms squeeze me lightly. "Yes, you've always been here." I reply and hug him back. "So do you trust me." He asks one more time. I take a deep breath. "I already said yes." I state and I feel him release a long sigh. "Thank you." He whispers. I nod and shivers fly down my body. "So, what are you going to do to me?" I ask helplessly. He pulls away and looks me in the eyes. His blood shot eyes bore deep into mine and I feel as if I'm swimming in the yellow eye color he has. His lips brush mine and he puts his hands to my shoulders and then to my neck bringing me into a longer kiss. "I love you." He whispers against my lips. I smile and it feels like our two souls combined at his words. His hands twist and my neck follows it. I hear a crack, and I'm on the ground instantly. My mouth trys to scream as His yellow eyes look down at me and his big brown boot stomps down hard on my face. "But, its your turn to die." He whispers. My soul escapes through my body into his like a pink mist. "The truth is, I'm a soul stealer. Not the romantic, mystical creture I lied to you." He laughs. My now cold body lays in a grave. But I'm still revengful.

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